Is Your Social Media Program Paying Off?

Master Social Media ROI

Small business owners know that social media can be a powerful marketing force, allowing them to build audience in their neighborhoods or around the world.


But, with so many platforms and options, how do you determine whether the time and resources you're spending are generating ROI? Here’s how to get a better sense of how your social media is working for your company.


Social media campaigns take time and resources. And if you're not exactly sure how to measure the return on investment (ROI), you're not alone. A May 2016 report by Social Media Examiner found that 86 percent of marketers want to know more about ROI.1


Social media consultant Kathy Magrino says clients often ask her about social media's ROI. While the specifics are different for everyone, there are some rules of thumb to get a better understanding:

  • Be clear about your goals.  First, be clear about why you're using social media. Different businesses have different goals, including:
    •   Growing sales
    •   Generating traffic
    •   Capturing contact information
    •   Expanding audience

  • Determine the value.  Your social media goal will also help you determine how much the effort is worth to your company. If social media is boosting sales, you’re adding directly to the company's bottom line, so you can allot time and resources accordingly.

  • Use measurement tools.  Tools like Google Analytics can tell you which social media sites are driving traffic to your website. Cyfe is another analytics platform that can help you track social media mentions.

  • Track success.  By using analytics tools or simply asking them, keep track of which platforms and campaigns best help you meet your goals. Then, adapt your efforts to focus on those that are generating results and discard those which are not.


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1 "2016 Social Media Marketing Industry Report: How Marketers Are Using Social Media to Grow Their Businesses," Social Media Examiner, May 2016. (

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