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Introduction to SEO

Boost your search engine rankings and become more visible in a digital world.

Search engine optimization (SEO) can seem like a constantly shifting landscape. When major search engines change their algorithms, some websites pay the price as they drop lower in search results.


However, there are some tried-and-true tactics that stand the test of time, says Grant Greenberg, director of digital at Lumentus, a digital reputation management firm based in New York City. Here’s how to boost your search engine rank and make your firm more visible to those who are looking for your company, products, and services:


• Build a mobile-friendly website. “Responsive design” means your website adapts to any device—computer monitor, laptop, smart phone, or tablet—and is easy to navigate. Search engine rankings weigh this heavily, Greenberg says. Your site might not be responsive if it was built even two or three years ago. But with today’s site-building tools, it’s easy to build a site that adapts to various devices.

• Use the right keywords and phrases. While keyword “stuffing” (certain words and phrases repeated throughout copy) has fallen out of favor with search engines, having appropriate keywords in your copy is still important. Tools such as Google AdWords Keyword Planner and your sites own analytics can help you find the precise words and phrases people are using to find products and services like yours, Greenberg says.

• Create content. Fresh website content is another important factor for search engines, Greenberg says. Posting regular, high-quality blog posts, updates, and images helps keep your rank high. “We know that Google definitely checks for how recent and relevant content is, and a blog is the easiest way to put out new and relevant information,” he says. Running short on content? Invite guest bloggers to contribute to your site.

• Use visuals. A 2015 study by content marketing firm Skyword1 found that content with relevant visuals had 94% more views than text-only content. Photographs, video, and infographics makes content more engaging and makes people more likely to view and share it, Greenberg says.

• Don’t forget social media. Your social media presence is also important to your search engine ranking, Greenberg says. Your company or personal Twitter or LinkedIn profile will rank high in search results, so be sure to have links between your social media accounts and website. Such a multifaceted presence is also good for building customer trust, he says. When a prospective customer searches for you or your company and finds a website and an active social media presence, it shows that your company is established and accessible, he says.


To learn more about how to boost your rankings and give your business an edge, call or chat today.

1Skyword Study: Add Images to Improve Content Performance, August 2015,

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