For Greater Productivity, Create a Seamless Device Ecosystem

When Devices Work Together, Your Office Is Anywhere

In theory, your laptop, smartphone, tablet, and other connected electronics let you work seamlessly from your preferred device.


But first you must ensure that your data and applications are transferrable and increase security precautions to protect your company. Access to the Optimum WiFi network and its secure router can help you stay connected — and safe — wherever you are.


With today's "bring your own device" (BYOD) movement, many employees actually use their personal devices in their workplaces. But such crossover can put your network at risk. Be sure that they have the resources they need and are keeping your network safe with these key steps:

  • Check your network. According to a recent report by HelpSystems,1 network monitoring software can help you ensure that your network is equipped to handle the devices accessing it. It can also spot unauthorized devices.

  • Stick to secure WiFi. In your office, opt for secure WiFi connections. As an Optimum Online customer, the smart router you receive turns your place of business into a secure WiFi hotspot for your employees (as well as your customers).

  • Synchronize apps. If your team is going to use devices to access company data and platforms, you need to ensure that each device has the proper mobile applications on it. For example, if they're going to need to open Word documents, you'll need an app to open them, such as Microsoft's free app or Docs to Go.

To learn more about Optimum Online and how we can help, call or chat today.


1 "Top 8 Reasons SMBs Need to Monitor Their Networks," HelpSystems. 2015. (

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