Key Strategies to Drive Web Traffic from Social Media

Key Strategies to Drive Web Traffic from Social Media

You spend a great deal of time cultivating your social media profiles and following. But are you converting those followers and likes into website traffic? You could be missing out on a big opportunity. Here are six ways you can drive people from your social pages to your website.


You spend time and effort cultivating your social media presence and gathering followers and “likes.” But if you’re not closing the loop and bringing those audiences back to your website, you could be missing out on revenue opportunities.


Six simple strategies can help to turn your social media profiles into sources of website traffic.

• Use great photos. “You want to show that you’re human and that people enjoy your products,” says Seth Worby, founder of Newton, Massachusetts-based Champ Internet Solutions, which provides digital marketing solutions to businesses.If you own a surf shop, use Instagram to show people using your boards at the beach. If you own a bakery, create a Pinterest account to show your cakes. Always link back to your website so that customers can learn more about your business.


• Tease good content. Host a blog on your website and use your social media profiles to promote each post. By posting teaser copy, you can get people interested so they’ll click through to your site, Worby says. For example, a consultant may post a “six tips” piece, then use one of the tips as the lead-in on your social media profiles, with a link to the full piece, hosted on your website, at the end of the post.


• Post later in the day. New York City-based web analytics company Chartbeat notes that social traffic is particularly strong from 3 p.m. to 1 a.m.1 Of course, your posting “sweet spot” will depend on your audience, so test posting at different times of day to find out which works best for you.


• Make your followers feel special. Show some love to your social media contacts by creating special coupon codes, access, or content just for them, Worby suggests. That feeling of exclusivity helps keep them clicking through.


• Use your personal profile, too. Worby says that people tend to have higher levels of engagement with personal profile pages, so be sure to post your business content and photographs there, as well.


• Drive users to the right page. Be sure that your links go to the right section of your website. If you have a special offer, click to a related landing page or to the product page on your site. Teasing a blog post? Be sure the link goes there instead of to your home page. “If you get people to your site, and they have to search around for what they want, you’re going to lose them,” Worby says.


1“Understanding Your Traffic Sources,” Chartbeat, October 2013.

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