Beat These Downtime Issues that Drain Productivity

Don't Deal with Downtime

When your network is down, your business is losing money.


But whether you have a natural disaster or other issue that's preventing your team from getting to the office, or your network has gone down, you can still keep systems running with a downtime plan. Services like Premium Tech Supportfrom Optimum, is like having an on-call information technology (IT) department.


When your devices or network aren't operational, your business can grind to a halt. How do you stay productive even if you don't have the money for IT staff? Today, businesses of all sizes have more options to outsource IT services, ranging from knowledgeable consultants to on-call services like Optimum Premium Tech Support1. These options provide affordable, virtual IT expertise for any size company.


Here are three areas where you should seek to head off problems:


  1.  Devices.

    Every laptop, tablet, smart phone, printer, and other connected device may present specific challenges when attempting to connect it to the internet.

  2.  Data backup.

    When your data and platforms are housed in the cloud, they're not subject to the risks of a small server system. Information and applications can be accessed remotely keeping your team productive, says small business tech consultant Akiva Goldstein, owner of Onsite in 60, an IT consultancy.

  3.  Virus and malware support.

    Preventative measures like good virus protection, automatic patch downloading to update security software, and knowledgeable advice about the latest best practices are critical to keep your business up and running.



Today, flexible, accessible service plans and agreements give you access to a wide variety of device protections and IT experts who can help you when trouble strikes. Best of all, they're more affordable than ever, enabling virtually every business to have the protection it needs. Services like Optimum Premium Tech Support provide remote access to IT experts who can help you protect your network, install devices, and perform other important tasks.



To learn more about Optimum Premium Tech Support and how we can help, call or chat today.


1"Not as Productive as You Could Be? Here's the Secret,"

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