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WiFi Offers Your Business a New Level of Productivity

Keep your employees connected with the right tools and resources.

Today, more employees than ever are working remotely. Whether they’re road warriors out making sales or co-workers who are contributing to your team from their home offices, it’s important to keep them connected to your business and effective while they’re doing their jobs, says Gerald Bricker, president of Aadvise Consulting, LLC, a business consulting firm in Northville, Michigan.


Help your employees stay connected by having a solid support system that includes the right tools and systems for them to get their jobs done. Here are three essentials.


  1. Choose the right technology partners . Remote and mobile employees should be able to connect with the home office if they experience problems or challenges, Bricker says. You need solid telecommunications and internet systems to fend off downtime and keep your office accessible at all times.


  2. Protect them . In an era of “bring your own device” (BYOD), your workers may be using their own laptops, tablets and mobile phones, but you need to be sure they’re effective and protected. Be sure that your employees are using proper security protocols, such as updating passwords regularly and using secure connections to access sensitive company data. Their devices should also be protected by antivirus and malware protection, Bricker says. Consult your internet service provider to find out how you can protect your business data in a BYOD environment. For example, Optimum Online provides free internet security powered by McAfee, part of Intel Security, to all of their customers.


  3. Stay connected . Whether they’re using expense-tracking apps, writing service reports, or videoconferencing with a client from on the road, connectivity is essential to productivity. Choosing an Internet service with widespread WiFi coverage helps your employees stay connected even when cellular coverage is spotty. When you sign up with Optimum Online you get access to a network of over 1.5 million WiFi hotspots in the tri state area, allowing your employees to stay connected on the go. Your remote and mobile employees are an important part of your workforce. From technology partners that offer strong service and support to safeguards against downtime and security breaches, give them the connectivity and support they need to do the best job possible for you. With Optimum as your partner you can always stay connected.


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