FAQ: SA 1800/1850 Replacement

Scientific Atlanta 1800/1850 Cable Box Replacement

The Scientific Atlanta (SA) 1800 & 1850 is an older cable box that doesn’t support our latest technology and should be replaced as soon as possible. Replacing this device provides you with the best experience possible and will help prevent future service interruption. Please contact us today to upgrade your equipment at no additional cost.


Why do I need to replace my equipment? Some of the technology that powers your current cable box, the Scientific Atlanta (SA) 1800/1850, is outdated. As video enhancements are made it may no longer be supported by our network. To help prevent any service impact, you can upgrade to a newer model at no additional cost!

Do I have to change all my cable boxes? No, the SA 1800/1850 cable boxes are the only models that will be affected by this change, but we encourage you to update any ‘Scientific Atlanta’ model cable boxes on your account for our newer set top boxes.

How do I know if I have this box? You can tell if you have one of those boxes by looking at the front of your cable box, “Scientific Atlanta” and the model number will be printed to the left of the display. All other cable boxes will continue to be supported.

When do I need to replace my cable box? We will notify you before any changes that would affect your viewing experience, but it will be best to make this change as soon as possible.

What happens if I do not change my equipment? As upgrades are made to the video network, having an older box could result in a possible loss of SD (Standard Definition) channels. It is best to exchange your equipment now to avoid any possible service interruption.

How to Replace

How do I get a new cable box? You can call us or chat with us on the web to schedule a professional installation at no charge. You can also update any ‘Scientific Atlanta’ model cable boxes on your account for our newer set top boxes at the same time. Making this change now ensures you get the best experience as soon as possible and don’t miss out on any of the great content and features included in your package.

Will I be charged more for the new equipment? How much does it cost? No, you will not be charged more for the new equipment. Your current cable box has a monthly rental fee, and the replacement equipment will have the same monthly rate. Current rate card rental fee prices can be found at optimum.net/pricing-packages-business.

Do I need someone to come install the new equipment? Yes, your new cable box will be professionally installed at no charge.

Can I switch my box at a store instead? Yes, simply bring your old equipment to the retail store and we can give you your new box there. There is no cost for replacing your cable box at a retail store.

What do I do with my old cable box? The Field Service Technician that installs your new cable box will remove your old equipment.

New Equipment

What is different about the new equipment? With this new cable box, you will be able to receive all HD channels included in your cable TV package. Our newer cable boxes also support more features and are better suited to guard against future format changes.

Is the new box compatible with my SD TV? Yes.