Help your business thrive with Optimum Business Managed Services - tools, marketing, IT support and more.


  • Managed services means having additional tools and resources for your business so you can focus on growth.
  • Connectivity is just the beginning - build digital experiences for your customers as an extension of your brand.
  • We provide live technical support for all your connected devices and keep them running smoothly so you don't have to.




Control the sign-in process for guests and make it easier for the network to identify and allow logins. You and your employees will have a completely different network to ensure safety, security and reliability for all.

Tailor your WiFi login screen to include your logo and match the look and feel of your business. You can also collect actionable customer data such as email addresses or traffic patterns to gain insights, promote your business, and convert more customers.

Our PRO WiFi portal gives you all the tools you need to take control of your network. You can manage your guest WiFi, private WiFi, connected devices, content filtering, branding, and so much more.


Technology is increasingly critical for any successful business, but not every business has the IT support they need. That’s why we offer a variety of service plans to provide technical support to meet your specific needs. Services include live on-demand technical advisors as well as coverage for all your devices including computers, printers, mobile phones and more.

  • You manage your business, let us manage your technology
  • Easy access to remote agents through our smartphone app
  • Flexible features depending on the plan you choose


Our solutions will help guide you through complex IT agendas, and stay confidently connected.

Optimum Business offers the best cloud-managed WiFi for small businesses

An excellent managed network service not only comes with the best cloud-managed WiFi for small businesses, it also offers a host of services that empowers your team to focus on growth. Optimum Business is a leading choice for small business owners, heralded as being an end-to-end technology partner that complements your existing team or helping to avoid the expense of an in-house team altogether. Optimum Business's network services cover everything small business owners need, from technical support to managed day-to-day issues to web hosting, network solutions, and more. Although well-known as offering the high-speed business internet service, Optimum Business is also popular for reducing large capital expenditures into reasonable monthly operating expenses – which is something every business can get behind. Lower overheard allows IT resources to be directed to projects that build business rather than maintain it. This includes securely and safely connecting internal stakeholders and resources without the IT management time or hassles.


Managed network services tailored to your needs

It goes far beyond offering a cloud-managed WiFi. Optimum Business's menu of services caters to every business’s needs – beginning with managed DDoS protection services, empowering companies to safeguard networks, data, and business as a whole from an increasing number of aggressive DDoS attacks. Optimum Business's advanced monitoring and detection capabilities alert companies to threats long before they happen, and then mitigate the risks. This includes visibility into network traffic-flow and visibility into stealth-based attacks. While Optimum Business's network services protect your business from attacks, we also offer a popular web hosting service. Small businesses, startups, and companies seeking to rebrand are able to establish a professional and modern website on a reliable platform. The simple-to-use publishing and design tools are easily learned, even by the least tech-savvy business people. And, of course, Optimum Business are always here to offer you remote IT support to fit all your business needs with our Service Plans.