Keeping Your Small Business Safe from Cyber Threats

Practical Tips for Small Business
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Kristy Uvena

VP of Product Management & Marketing, Business Services, Altice USA

Kristy Uvena is the Vice President of Product Management and Marketing, Business Services for Altice USA. In her role, she is responsible for leading the product, marketing, media, and advertising teams targeting small, medium, and Enterprise businesses in Optimum and Suddenlink markets across 21 states.

Uvena has almost two decades of industry experience and began her career with Cablevision, working with public institutions such as schools and libraries on finding the right products and services for their telecommunications needs. She also served as a Director of Marketing at Lightpath, and has been with Altice USA since 2016 when the company acquired Cablevision.

A presentation by

Mark Malyon

Head of B2B Service Creation, Cisco

As the Head of B2B Service Creation, Mark Maylon has worked at Cisco in various roles since 2005. Maylon is a 30-year veteran of the IT and Communications industry (ITC).

Mark worked in IT for several years before converting to telecommunications. He worked on early data communications networks and the subsequent evolutions to Frame Relay, ATM and finally to IP. Mark was also involved in early work on multi-media communications (IMS) integrating fixed telephony, mobile and PC.

A discussion for small business owners

Cyberthreats are not just a problem for big corporations and governmental agencies. They are a real threat to small business owners as well. A cyber-attack on a small business can have devastating repercussions and cause a ripple effect to the customers, vendors, and suppliers they do business with.

Join us and our guest, Mark Malyon of Cisco, for a discussion on the external threats facing small business owners and ways you can protect your business from their devastating impact.

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