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Never miss a call again.

Virtual Receptionist will take the call, every time.

It’s a custom, personal and professional way of answering calls.

Virtual Receptionist is the most professional way to answer and direct your calls. You can customize the way your callers are greeted by recording your own custom greeting to reflect your business the way you want.

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Never miss a call again.

Virtual Receptionist is ready to take calls 24/7/365. Time-of-day scheduling lets you decide when Virtual Receptionist should answer calls. You even have the options to play different messages outside of regular business hours.

Connects that call to the right person, anywhere.

Virtual Receptionist can direct customer calls to a specific person, location, recorded message or dial by name directory. Plus, you can even direct calls to your cell phone so you’ll never miss a call when doing business on-the-go.

Music makes the wait shorter.

Have two or more Optimum Voice business lines? 
Virtual Receptionist can also provide customers calling in with on-hold music. The Rollover Hunt Group feature will first need to be setup and is included in your Optimum Voice service.

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