Choc·O·Pain: Jersey’s Taste of France

Optimum Business services are a crucial ingredient in keeping Choc-O-Pain’s customers connected to their menu, pre-ordering service, and a Facebook feed filled with tempting pics of artisan tarts, breads, and more. Plus Optimum lets customers stay connected with free, reliable WiFi, making trips to Choc-O-Pain as productive as they are delicious. Delectable treats combined with Optimum’s great connectivity keeps Clemence Danko’s business growing.

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When French-born Clemence Danko left her career in pharmaceuticals to start a bakery in the U.S., she was determined to do it the right way. After studying Artisan Bread Baking at the French Culinary Institute in New York, and Culinary Management at the Institute of Culinary Education, Danko unveiled the fruits of her labor, opening Choc-O-Pain LLC, French Bakery and Café in 2012. Since then, she and her bakers have provided discerning patrons in Hoboken, New Jersey with fine baked goods—and, like any good café—a dependable WiFi hotspot.

Come for the Tarts, Stay for the WiFi

It’s no surprise that such a connoisseur of quality chose Optimum Business as her internet provider. With a quick professional business installation, same day service guarantee, and a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee, Optimum Business was Danko’s first choice. A reliable high speed internet connection and business WiFi are crucial for her business. “When there’s a problem with the WiFi,” says Danko, “our customers won’t take ‘I don’t know’ as an answer.” And while Choc-O-Pain offers amazing breads, tarts, and other treats—all baked daily—many customers are attracted to the café because of the hotspot. “They call and ask if we have WiFi,” says Danko. “To them, the products don’t matter as much. It’s an important part of our business.” Having fast, reliable business WiFi that can handle the streaming of multiple customers has become essential to Choc-O-Pain’s business—and keeps customers coming back for more.

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Staying connected to customers

Optimum Business reliable high-speed internet keeps Choc-O-Pain’s website—and its customers—updated with the latest delicacies and online pre-ordering service. “For holidays, customers say, ‘I want my fruit tart, my bread,’” says Danko, “and sometimes by the time they get to the store, there’s nothing left.” Pre-ordering online supported by Optimum Online guarantees Choc-O-Pain can deliver the right customer experience. Choc-O-Pain also takes advantage of Optimum Online unparalleled reliability by connecting to customers through social media. The café promotes new products and, at any given moment, its Facebook or Twitter accounts showcase pictures of delicious, handcrafted treats—a sure way to tempt new customers, or remind regulars what makes Choc-O-Pain so alluring.

Ready to grow small business with Optimum Business

Danko’s success has translated into expansion; she now owns three Choc-O-Pain stores in the Hoboken area, with numbers five on their way soon. Not all stores are in Optimum Business service areas, however, and Danko notices a real difference. Of the WiFi at non-Optimum locations, she says, “There are days when it just doesn’t work well, and I’m too busy to spend forty-five minutes on the phone troubleshooting.” Luckily, like Choc-O-Pain, Optimum also has plans for expansion—which, for small business owners like Danko, can’t come soon enough.