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We want to make sure our customers get the very most from their service. At Optimum Mobile we are committed to ensuring our services and products are accessible. As part of our commitment to Accessibility, our websites are monitored regularly and tested with screen readers.

Here are some of the features we offer:

Optimum Mobile support can be reached from 7am – 11pm EST by signing into My Mobile on our website and Optimum Mobile Self Care App account and clicking on the blue ‘Message Us’ tab.

All Optimum Mobile phones are hearing-aid compatible (HAC).

Hearing Aid Compatibility (HAC)

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has adopted hearing-aid compatibility (HAC) requirements for digital wireless phones. Below are the HAC ratings for phones that are hearing-aid compatible under FCC rules.

There are two measures used. First, all digital handsets have a rating for their ability to reduce interference with hearing aids operating in acoustic mode – from M1 to M4, with M4 being the best. Handsets are also rated – from T1 to T4 – for their ability to operate with hearing aids that contain a telecoil (a tightly wrapped piece of wire that converts sounds into electromagnetic signals) and operate in inductive coupling mode. The FCC considers mobile handsets to be hearing aid compatible if they are rated at least M3 for acoustic coupling and at least T3 for inductive coupling.

Model Model # FCC ID HAC Rating
Motorola moto g 5G XT2417-1 IHDT56AQ3 M3/T3
Samsung Galaxy S24 SM-S921UZAAXAG A3LSMS921U This Handset is hearing aid-compatible, conversational Gain of 15dB (with hearing aid) and 19dB (without hearing aid)
Samsung Galaxy S24+ SM-S926UZVAXAG A3LSMS926U This Handset is hearing aid-compatible, conversational Gain of 9dB (with hearing aid) and 11dB (without hearing aid)
Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra SM-S928UZKEXAG A3LSMS928U This Handset is hearing aid-compatible, conversational Gain of 18dB (with hearing aid) and 21dB (without hearing aid)
Samsung Galaxy A15 5G SM-A156UZKDXAG A3LSMA156U This Handset is hearing aid-compatible, conversational Gain of 18dB (with hearing aid) and 21dB (without hearing aid)
Samsung Galaxy A25 5G SM-A256UZKDXAG A3LSMA256U M3/T3
Samsung Galaxy S23 FE SM-S711U1 A3LSMS711U M3/T3
iPhone 15 A2846 BCG-E8427A M3, T4
iPhone 15 Plus A2849 BCG-E8439A M3, T4
iPhone 15 Pro A2847 BCG-E8431A M3, T4
iPhone 15 Pro Max A2848 BCG-E8435A M3, T4
Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 5G SM-F731U1 A3LSMF731U M3/T3
Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5 5G SM-F946U1 A3LSMF946U M3/T3
motorola razr+ XT2321-3 IHDT56AJ3 M3/T3
moto g stylus 5G (2023) XT2315-1 IHDT56AL2 M3/T3
Samsung Galaxy A54 5G SM-A546U1 A3LSMA546U M3/T3
Samsung Galaxy A14 5G SM-A146U1 ZCASMA146U M3/T3
Samsung Galaxy S23 5G SM-S911U1 A3LSMS911U M3/T3
Samsung Galaxy S23+ 5G SM-S916U1 A3LSMS916U M3/T3
Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra 5G SM-S918U1 A3LSMS918U M3/T3
moto g play (2023) XT2271-5 IHDT56ZP5 M3/T3
iPhone 14 A2649 BCG-E8138A M3, T4
iPhone 14 Plus A2632 BCG-E3994A M3, T4
iPhone 14 Pro A2650 BCG-E8140A M3, T4
iPhone 14 Pro Max A2651 BCG-E8141A M3, T4
iPhone 13 A2482 BCG-E3997A M3, T4
iPhone 13 mini A2481 BCG-E3994A M3, T4
iPhone 13 Pro A2483 BCG-E4000A M3, T4
iPhone 13 Pro Max A2484 BCG-E4003A M3, T4
iPhone SE (3rd Gen) A2595 BCG-E4082A M3, T4
iPhone 12 A2172 BCG-E3542A M3, T4
iPhone 12 mini A2176 BCG-E3539A M3, T4
iPhone 12 Pro A2341 BCG-E3545A M3, T4
iPhone 12 Pro Max A2342 BCG-E3548A M3, T4
iPhone 11 A2111 BCG-E3309A M3, T4
iPhone 11 Pro A2160 BCG-E3305A M3, T4
iPhone 11 Pro Max A2161 BCG-E3306A M3, T4
iPhone SE A1662
M3, T4
iPhone SE (2nd Gen) A2275
BCG-E3500A M3, T4
iPhone X A1865
M3, T4
iPhone XS A1920 BCG-E3218A M3, T4
iPhone XS Max A1921 BCG-E3219A M3, T4
moto g stylus 5G (2022) XT2215-4 IHDT56AA4 M3, T3
moto g pure XT2163-4 IHDT56ZX2 M3, T3
Motorola one 5G ace PALK0002US IHDT56ZF2 M3, T3
Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 5G SM-F721U1 A3LSMF721U M3, T3
Samsung Galaxy S22 5G SM-S901U1 A3LSMS901U M3, T3
Samsung Galaxy S22+ 5G SM-S906U1 A3LSMS906U M3, T3
Samsung Galxy S22 Ultra 5G SM-S908U1 A3LSMS908U M3, T3
Samsung Galaxy S21 SM-G991U1 A3LSMG991U M3, T3
Samsung Galaxy S21+ SM-G996U1 A3LSMG996U M3, T3
Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G SM-G998U1 A3LSMG996U M3, T3
Samsung Galaxy S21 FE 5G SM-G990U1 A3LSMG990U M3, T3
Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 5G SM-F711U1 A3LSMF711U M3, T3
Samsung Galaxy A03s SM-A037U1 ZCASMA037U M3, T3
Samsung Galaxy A13 5G SM-A136U1 A3LSMA136U M3, T3
Samsung Galaxy A32 5G SM-A326UZKUXAG A3LSMA326U M3, T3
Samsung Galaxy A51 5G SM-A515U1 A3LSMA515U M3, T3
Samsung Galaxy A53 5G SM-A536UZKDXAG A3LSMA536U M3, T3
Samsung Note 10 N970U A3LSMN970U M4, T3
Samsung Note 10+ N975U A3LSMN975U M4, T3
Samsung Galaxy Note20 SM-N981U1 A3LSMN981U M3, T3
Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra 5G SM-N986U1 A3LSMN986U M3, T3
Samsung Galaxy S10 SM-G973U1 A3LSMG973U M4, T3
Samsung Galaxy S10+ SM-G975U1 A3LSMG975U M4, T3
Samsung Galaxy S10e SM-G970U1 A3LSMG970U M4, T3
Samsung Galaxy S20 G981U1 A3LSMG981U M4, T3
Samsung Galaxy S20+ G986U1 A3LSMG986U M4, T3
Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra G988U1 A3LSMG988U M4, T3
Samsung Galaxy S20 FE SM-G781UZBMXAG
A3LSMG781U M4, T3
TCL 20 Ax 5G T768O 2ACCJH137 M3, T3

Real Time Text (RTT)

If you have a hearing or speech disability and want an alternative to TTY for communicating using wireless devices, you can use RTT. This feature uses a mix of text and voice. As you type messages in your device, text will display on the receiving device. This is great for everyday communication and is compatible with emergency calls in the same way that TTY is today.

To enable RTT, visit the Accessibility section from your phone’s Settings.

In areas where texting to 911 is available, customers can text 911 directly from their wireless device or call 911 using real-time text (RTT) on RTT-capable handsets. For more information on RTT visit

Text Telephone (TTY)

Optimum Mobile provides Voice Over LTE (VoLTE) and WiFi Calling voice services therefore calls from a TTY will not work. Optimum Mobile recommends that instead of TTY, that you use internet-based Telecommunications Relay Service (TRS) such as Video Relay Service (VRS), Internet Protocol Relay Service, or IP Captioned Telephone Service, that allows persons with hearing or speech disabilities to place and receive telephone calls.

Stores and Walk In Centers

We are committed to physical accessibility for our stores, which are service animal-friendly. Our staff are able to offer assistance if you need it. Find a store near you.

Learn more about wireless hearing aid compatibility rules and service providers’ obligations from the FCC.

For more information regarding hearing aid-compatible and non hearing aid-compatible devices visit

For questions about our accessibility features, message us at

Effective Date: May 3, 2024