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3 Ways a Virtual Assistant Can Help You Help Customers

Meet the most demanding customers' needs with this helpful feature.

When customers need to reach you, they want a response quickly. A June 2016 survey1 by customer service firm GetFiveStars roughly 55 percent want to hear back from you within 24 hours - and a sizeable percent expect a response even faster.


That's why it's important to use tools that will make your business more responsive. In today's connected age, services like Virtual Receptionist by Optimum, lets customers reach you wherever you are or get the answers they need through other options. Here are three ways a virtual assistant can help your business:


  1.  Forward calls wherever you are.

    On the road? No problem. When customers call the office, calls can be routed to your mobile phone to make you easily accessible, even if you’re nowhere near your desk.


  2.  Make getting answers more efficient.

    Why hold up answers when you're not available? Optimum Virtual Receptionist service can connect callers to the right employee or recording. For example, if they need store hours or information about an upcoming event, callers automatically be routed to the best option for them.


  3.  Customize your recordings to manage expectations.

    Whether you're on vacation for a week or simply unavailable and in meetings for a few hours, you can customize voicemail response options to let callers know when they can expect a response from you and who to contact if they need more help.


To learn more about Optimum Virtual Receptionist and how we can help, call or chat today.


1"Survey: How Quickly Should Businesses Respond to a Complaint?" June 20, 2016.

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