Keeping Your Team Connected Everywhere

Keeping Your Team Connected Everywhere

Workers today expect to have the latest collaboration tools—as well as easy access to colleagues, partners, and the boss. WiFi-enabled technology allows workers to easily share files and ideas, stay on the same page, and access the information and expertise they need no matter where they are. Optimum Business, for example, provides a network of over 1.5 million Optimum WiFi hotspots to ensure you, your workers, and partners stay connected.


Widely dispersed teams are the nature of business today. Fortunately, there’s lots of WiFi enabled technology to keep your teams on the same page, even if they’re not in the same place.



1. Finding files

Asana, project tracking software, can organize files (such as website mockups, photos or videos to add, and videos) all in one place by project. “You can also easily see all files ever shared within your team, which makes finding attachments much easier than traditional email,” says Rosie Brown, a creative project manager of Sterling Communications.


2. In the cloud.

Many small businesses find that cloud-based tools offering quick, easy access to files are the perfect way to improve collaboration and productivity as they grow. Dropbox remains the top cloud storage tool for small businesses, according to a recent survey.1 Millennial workers, dubbed the “collaboration generation,” are particularly adept at such technology and expect the companies they work for to offer it, with 40 percent2 of Millennials preferring online meetings to in-person meetings.


3. Finding some secure space

Basecamp is a private, secure space online where people working together can organize and discuss everything they need to get a project done, with features like message boards, to do lists and a centralized schedule. “This provides non-real time interactivity that works as we span the globe with clients and cross the country with staff,” says Andy Abramson, CEO of Comunicano, Inc., a marketing firm.


4. Checking in

Appster, an app development firm, has a daily video call using Google Hangouts, where team leaders in Australia, San Francisco, and India explain what they did yesterday, what they’re doing today, and any impediments they’re facing. The team leaders use a tool called 7Geese that tracks whether individual workers goals are aligned with strategic objectives. And workers can use a collaborative platform called 15five to contact the CEO directly—a flattened hierarchy that is especially prized by Millennial workers.


Staying connected is part of business today: More than half of small and medium-size companies today use collaboration software—the most popular digital technology. The tools create a robust internet connection that can be used by workers in the office, from the road, and the many places people work from today. When you choose Optimum Online for your business, you gain access to a network of 1.5 million Optimum WiFi hotspots allowing you to stay connected with your customers and employees at work or on the go.


1”29 Favorite Business Tech Tools of Entrepreneurs in 2015,”, August 2015.

2”Managing Collaboration Tools for Millennials,” Network Computing, November 2015.

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