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Roc-N-Ramen: Serving Up Noodles with a Unique Twist

Powered by Optimum, Wayne Carrington’s Roc-n-Ramen restaurant is cooking up success in a crowded market.

It all started with a movie.


So says former New York City police officer-turned-restaurateur Wayne Carrington, describing the inspiration behind his wildly popular 40-seat ramen shop in New Rochelle, New York. As he tells it, the concept was born after he and his two daughters watched the 2008 film, The Ramen Girl, which tells a fanciful story of an American girl’s quest to master the culture and cuisine of ramen noodles.


Seeking out advice from experts like ramen master Ivan Orkin, creator of Ivan Ramen, and borrowing heavily from his cultural background (he is originally from Trinidad), Carrington created what he calls a “fusion” of authentic Japanese ramen and traditional Caribbean flavors. The outcome was Roc-N-Ramen—a ramen eatery with a twist—which opened in September 2014.


Powered by Optimum


As he launched his new endeavor, Carrington chose Optimum Business specifically for the reliability and flexibility it offers. He relies on his Optimum phone, internet, WiFi and Same-day Service Guarantee to help seamlessly power his brand—which already boasts 900 likes on Facebook, 600 followers on Instagram, and 180 reviews on Yelp.


For Carrington, finding an internet provider with a same-day service guarantee was a must. “If my register system is not online and working correctly,” he says, “we don’t make money.” The Optimum Same-day Service Guarantee was recently put to the test when a router went down; their crew quickly delivered and reinstalled a new one. “Everything was up and running again—all before we opened for business that day,” Carrington says. “That was really a lifesaver.”


Customers crave hotspots


In today’s digital world, customer expectations have changed; diners now expect to be able to peruse menus online and surf the Web from their tables. “Being able to offer WiFi for our customers is a big plus,” Carrington says. And, by becoming an Optimum WiFi hotspot, Roc-N-Ramen can offer complimentary WiFi service to its customers—without slowing down their own Internet services. Since Optimum WiFi hotspots are separated from Carrington’s Optimum Online services, it means that speeds are unaffected and data remains secure—and this add-on is offered at no charge to Carrington.


Growth plans heat up


Fast forward a year, and Carrington has successfully carved a niche in a restaurant segment crowded with competitors. He reports a year-to-year sales growth trend of 38 percent and says the 1,000-square-foot location is profitable. And that’s leading him to the next step of his business vision: expansion. In partnership with an investor group, Roc-N-Ramen has ambitious plans to open eight new locations by the end of 2016, Carrington says.


As it gears up for growth, Roc-N-Ramen intends to put the flexible features of Optimum Business into play. For example, Carrington will be able to add extra phone lines without a major overhaul of his system. He also plans to give email addresses to five of his staff for separate departments, taking advantage of Optimum Email, which offers up to 15 different addresses—a feature designed to help small businesses look professional.


He and his staff also will rely on Optimum WiFi to keep them connected at multiple locations with Internet access on-the-go. And he’ll drive traffic to the new locations by letting customers know his restaurants are hotspots with free in-store signage provided by Optimum.


“The fact that we are going to be in multiple places working on the build-out of several new locations will mean we will strongly depend on our Optimum Business Services,” Carrington says.


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