Optimum Business Internet
next-level speed

Get 300 Mbps Secure Internet

$ 55
1 yr.

When bundled with Business Phone
w/Auto Pay & Paperless Bill
Modem Included

  • When bundled with Business Phone for
    $30/mo. per line
  • No Annual Contract
  • 24/7 support with live chat or on the phone

*Terms and conditions apply.

Get up to a $400 Prepaid Card

Get fast, reliable secure Internet for your business.

300 Mbps Secure Internet

Get fast, secure and reliable broadband Internet for your business.

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500 Mbps Secure Internet

Take your business to the next level with upgraded Internet speed.

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1 Gig Secure Internet

Give your business the ultimate edge with our fastest Internet speed available.

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All Internet is not created equal, especially when it comes to your business. Our Internet service has cyber security built-in, so you can have peace of mind in an increasingly treacherous digital landscape.

Optimum Business Internet
Has Next-Level Speed

Get 300 Mbps Business Fiber

$ 60

With Auto Pay & Paperless Bill with Mobile Plans
Modem Included

  • Includes $5 a month savings when you add Mobile
  • Get up to a $600 Prepaid Card
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • 24/7 support with live chat or on the phone

*Terms and conditions apply.

Get up to a $600 Prepaid Card

Our fastest Business Fiber Internet
has arrived​

Enjoy 99.9% reliability and speeds up to 8 Gig.

8 Gig Fiber InternetConnect faster than ever with 8 Gig Internet
99.9% ReliabilityReliable, fast, and secure Internet
Symmetrical SpeedsUpload speeds as fast as downloads

Get the fastest Fiber Internet we offer


Optimum Fiber has next-level Internet speeds, now up to 8 Gig!

300 Mbps Business Fiber

Reliable speed for supporting a growing business

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500 Mbps Business Fiber

Fast speed for businesses with multiple users and devices​

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1 Gig Business Fiber

Ultra-fast speed for businesses with many users and devices

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2 Gig Business Fiber

Super-charged speed primed to support even the most demanding business applications​

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5 Gig Business Fiber

Lightning-fast speed to support next-level technology and virtually unlimited devices

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8 Gig Business Fiber

The fastest Internet speed we offer.

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Your amazing future is only a connection away.

It's fast! Melissa, Office Furniture Discounters
Reliable! John, Golden Interiors
Very Secure Cheryl, Brickstone Hardware
Internet speed is fast and consistent. John, Pueblo Systems, Inc
Connections are stable Willie, Sheng Kai Spirit


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