California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) Optimum Request Form

Current and former Optimum customers residing in the state of California within the past 12 months, or authorized persons acting on their behalf, can request to know, correct or delete their personal information using this CCPA Request Form. Please complete all requested sections to ensure we can comply with your request.
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Requests made by a third party on behalf of a California resident require submission of a completed, signed & notarized authorization & request form that indicates that the California resident had given the requester authority to submit the CCPA request.

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Deletion of personal information collected from me (Subject to the exceptions to deletion set forth in the CCPA)
Deletion requests are subject to certain exceptions under the CCPA, including our need to retain information to provide our services to you, to detect security incidents and fraudulent activity, to comply with legal obligations, and for internal uses that align with consumer expectations. In responding to your request, we will indicate whether any exceptions apply with respect to your personal information.
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Making a CCPA request as an authorized agent of a Suddenlink current or former customer

In order to protect the privacy of our subscribers, a notarized request must be submitted indicating that the account owner has granted you authority to make a CCPA request on their behalf.

Download the CCPA Request Authorization Form (PDF), and follow the provided form instructions.

Please allow us up to ten days to respond with an update upon receiving your request.