Standard Service Pricing | West Customers

Pricing effective February 3, 2024

Cable Internet ServicesProductPriceDownload SpeedUpload Speed
Gigabit Markets1,*25 Mbps Optimum Business Secure Internet$104.9525 Mbps5 Mbps
 200 Mbps Optimum Business Secure Internet$154.95200 Mbps35 Mbps
 300 Mbps Optimum Business Secure Internet$204.95300 Mbps50 Mbps
 500 Mbps Optimum Business Secure Internet$244.95500 Mbps50 Mbps
 1 Gig Optimum Business Secure Internet (with Security)$349.951000 Mbps50 Mbps
500 Mbps Internet Markets1,*25 Mbps Optimum Business Secure Internet$104.9525 Mbps5 Mbps
 100 Mbps Optimum Business Secure Internet$154.95100 Mbps10 Mbps
 300 Mbps Optimum Business Secure Internet$204.95300 Mbps20 Mbps
 500 Mbps Optimum Business Secure Internet$244.95500 Mbps20 Mbps
400 Mbps Internet Markets1,*25 Mbps Optimum Business Secure Internet$104.9525 Mbps5 Mbps
 100 Mbps Optimum Business Secure Internet$154.95100 Mbps10 Mbps
 200 Mbps Optimum Business Secure Internet$204.95200 Mbps20 Mbps
 400 Mbps Optimum Business Secure Internet$244.95400 Mbps20 Mbps
Non Gigabit Markets1,*25 Mbps Optimum Business Secure Internet$104.9525 Mbps5 Mbps
 50 Mbps Optimum Business Secure Internet$154.9550 Mbps8 Mbps
 100 Mbps Optimum Business Secure Internet$204.95100 Mbps10 Mbps
 150 Mbps Optimum Business Secure Internet1,33$244.95150 Mbps10 Mbps
Internet Service Markets1,*1 Mbps Optimum Business Secure Internet$65.951 Mbps384 kbps
 3 Mbps  Optiumum Business Secure Internet$70.953 Mbps512 kbps
 6 Mbps Optimum Business Secure Internet$79.956 Mbps768 kbps
 15 Mbps Optimum Business Secure Internet$85.9515 Mbps2 Mbps
 20 Mbps Optimum Business Secure Internet$135.9520 Mbps2 Mbps
 30 Mbps Optimum Business Secure Internet$145.9030 Mbps3 Mbps
 50 Mbps Optimum Business Secure Internet1,2,41$210.9050 Mbps5 Mbps
All MarketsSecure Internet1,25$9.95  
 Static IP (1 unit)$15.00  
 Static IP (3 or more; per unit price)$10.00  
 Wired/Wireless Modem Rental Fee (applicable for all new modems)$15.00  
 Network Access Fee$6.00  
Optimum Business Voice2ProductPer Month
Unlimited Phone Line with data or video serviceUnlimited Phone Line3$35.00
Unlimited Phone Line (Additional) with data or video serviceUnlimited Phone Line3$32.00
Unlimited Phone Line with no data or video serviceUnlimited Phone Line3$60.00
 Federal Subscriber Line$5.25 (per line)
Toll FreeMonthly Service23$9.95
Optimum Business Hosted Voice      
Basic Seat5
Basic Seat4$24.95
Optimum Business Hosted Voice      
Business Seat5
Business Seat4$34.95
Optimum Business Hosted Voice Equipment and Service OptionsGXP 2140 IP Telephone Set$4.00
 GXP 2170 Telephone Set$6.00
 GXP 2200 Extension Module$5.00
 Polycom SoundStation IP 6000      
Conference Phone
 Polycom Expansion Microphones$10.00
 Cisco SPA122 ATA$3.00
 DP720 DECT Cordless Phone$4.00
 DP750 DECT Cordless Base Station$0.00
 Auto Attendant (First included, additional $20)$20.00
 Directory Listing$10.00
 Installation Charge6$60 per seat
Optimum Business TV Per Month
 Optimum Business Basic TV7$60.00
 Optimum Business Choice TV8$85.00
 Optimum Business Value TV$125.00
 Optimum Business Preferred TV9$140.00
 Optimum Business Basic TV for Bars/Restaurants7, 10$60.00
 Optimum Business Value TV for Bars/Restaurant10$125.00
 Optimum Business Preferred TV for Bars/Restaurants10, 11$140.00
Programming Tiers2 Per Month
 Latino Tier$10.00
 Sports Plus Package$10.00
Sports Programming2,9 Per Month
 Digital Sports PackageCall for Rates
 Bally Sports PackageCall for Rates
Music Services Per Month
 Stingray Music12$34.95
Multiple Video Outlets  
 Outlets 1 - 1014Included
 Outlets 11 - 2014$20.00
 Outlets 21 - 3014$30.00
 Outlets 31 - 4014$40.00
 41+ outlets (for each additional 10 outlets)14$10.00 addt'l
Equipment and      
Add-on Services
 Per Month
 Cable Card$2.50
 HD Receiver$13.00
 DVR Service24$49.95
 LTE Wireless Failover27$6.00
Monthly Fees Applicable to All TV Packages Per Month
 Broadcast Transmission Surcharge$16.72
Premium Technical Support2 Per Month
 Business Premier Protection & Support15$36.99
 Business Premier Technical Support15$29.99
Optimum PRO WiFi16,* Per Month
 Optimum Business PRO WiFi Standard Package (includes one Access Point and Switch)$39.99
 Optimum Business PRO WiFi Additional Access Point$39.99 each
 Optimum Business PRO WiFi Installation per Access Point17$59.99 (one time fee)
 Optimum Business PRO WiFi Content Filtering$10.00
Installation, Services & Other Charges Per Transaction
 Restore Service Fee (1 or 2 products)26$10.00
 Restore Service Fee (3 products)26$15.00
 Late Payment Fee18$2 - $10
 Returned Check Fee19$20 - $30
 Service Call/Missed Appointment Fee$60.00
 Change of Service Fee20Varies
 Hourly Service Charge$59.95
 DisconnectNo charge
 Additional Outlet6$60.00
Unreturned Equipment Fees Per Transaction
 Standard Digital Receiver$185.00
 High Definition (HD) Receiver$185.00
 HD/DVR Receiver$345.00
 Remote Control$5.00
 Cable Card$100.00
 DOCSIS Modem$100.00
 MTA - Phone Modem$100.00
 Wireless Modem$100.00
 Wireless Router$80.00
 Optimum Gateway 62$130.00
 Optimum Gateway 52$115.00
 Optimum Gateway 42$100.00
 HD DigitalLink$50.00
 DP720 Handset$75.00
 DP750 Base STN$75.00
 GXP1625 Phone$100.00
 GXP2140 Phone$200.00
 IP 6000 Phone$500.00
 Rack Mount$50.00
 UPS Card$150.00
 IP 6000 Mic$300.00
 SF302 24PtSwitch$300.00
 SF302 8PtSwitch$100.00
 GXP2170 Phone$100.00
 Misc BHV Equipment$100.00
 Polycom Soundstation Microphone Ext$300.00
 Optimum Business PRO WiFi Access Point$450.00

*Advertised max speed for wired connection. Actual speeds, including over WiFi, may vary and are not guaranteed.      
1Security: Use of Business Internet Security products and services does not guarantee that your business is immune to all future cyber-attacks or unauthorized third party access to your systems. In order to receive the full protection, Static IP customers must change their DNS server.      
2May not be available in all areas      
3Service includes key features such as unlimited long distance, caller ID, 3-way calling, call return, call waiting and call waiting ID      
4Optimum Business Hosted Voice includes all key features from Unlimited Voice plus 40 other features and unlimited long distance.      
5Minimum contract is 2 years with a minimum seat requirement of 3.      
6Includes wall fish if required.      
7Not available for sale in Bishop CA, Winnfield LA, Hearne TX, Lowry Crossing TX & Lucas TX, or Ozark AR.      
8Includes Basic, Local & National News, Family & General Entertainment; NO SPORTS; Only available in encrypted markets.      
9Includes Commercial Digital Tier      
10Available to bars and restaurants only      
11Includes Bars and Restaurants Digital Tier      
12Stingray Music® can be purchased separately. Requires a digital cable box, HD digital cable box or a Cable CARD for each TV. Subscribers may be responsible for obtaining and payment of additional music licensing or copyright fees for any music contained in the Stingray Music® channels and other programming channels.      
13No DVR functionality.      
14Not a per outlet fee.      
15Product not available in all areas.      
16Not available to FTTH subscribers.      
17Each access point carries an installation charge of $59.99.      
18Rate varies by state. Applies 2 days after due date on all bills.      
19Rate varies by region.      
20The fee varies depending on work being completed.      
21Rate for month to month customers.      
22Applies if truck roll required for existing customers.      
23Includes 250 minutes of toll free. Additional minutes added in blocks of 250 Minutes.      
24Must order HD Receiver as well.      
25Not available for data modems with less than 25Mbps download speeds.      
26Applies when turning on service or restoring levels of service that were previously disconnected or downgraded.      
27LTE Failover is for backup connection only when the primary internet service is down.