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Add Business Phone to your service

Reliable phone service for your business with advanced features for one flat rate.

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  • Unlimited calling to the U.S., Canada, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands
  • 20+ advanced calling features
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Connected & Protected

Optimum Business Secure Internet comes with DDoS and DNS protection built-in.
  • In today's cyber threat landscape your business can be the target of attack at any time. Optimum Business Secure Internet provides a cloud-based, first layer of DDoS and DNS security to protect and maintain your company's internet connectivity 24/7.

  • In a DDoS or denial-of-service attack a cyber criminal can flood a system with large amounts of traffic to tie up a website's resources and deny visitors access.

  • The DNS or Domain Name System is a foundational component of the Internet, mapping domain names to IP addresses. In a DNS attack, a cyber criminal can redirect your visitors to the wrong site and expose them to phishing schemes and other malicious attacks