Optimum Core TV allows everyone in the family to watch their favorite channels.

With Fios Custom TV, you're forced to choose TV packages based on genre. Choose the Kids Package and say goodbye to news. Take the Lifestyle Package and say goodbye to sports. See for yourself why Optimum beats the competition.

  Optimum Core Fios DirecTV
TV packages include all genres including kids, sports, entertainment, news and more. Choose between genres with
Custom TV
Restart live TV.
News 12, News 12 Traffic & Weather, and News 12 Varsity.
Bluetooth-enabled Voice Remote.
Apps like Netflix, Pandora and YouTube right on your TV screen.
Brilliant 4K Ultra HD video experience.
TV box, modem, router and streaming apps, all in one sleek device.
No annual contracts. 2 year contract on many offers.

Restart and 4K features available for select networks and programming.

*As of 9/17/19: TV claims are based on Fios Custom TV offer in market. Fios also offers additional TV packages such as: Preferred HD, Extreme HD, Ultimate HD


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