Terms and Conditions for Recurring Payments

The following are the terms and conditions which will confirm your agreement to have your Cablevision bill paid by an automatic recurring debit from your bank account.

Cablevision's recurring direct debit program allows you to pay your monthly Cablevision bill through automatic deductions from your checking or savings account. Once you complete and submit this online form you authorize Cablevision to automatically debit your bank account identified above each month on the date payment is due as shown on your bill. If you want to change the bank account that will be debited, or if your financial institution and/or bank account number ever changes, you must fill out another form.

Please remember that in order to put this authorization in place or to make any changes, you must be the person named on the bank account and authorized to make withdrawals. Your new electronic payment should begin within 60 days after your completed enrollment form is received. You should continue to pay your bill as you always have until you see a statement printed on your bill page that instructs you not to mail a payment. If you want to stop this payment option, please call Cablevision at the number listed below.

Cablevision will provide you with a monthly statement of your account each billing period. You agree to review each statement you receive for any errors. Under federal law, you have the right to hold up or stop an electronic funds transfer provided you give your financial institution notice of at least three business days before the scheduled transfer date. If you inform Cablevision that an error exists on your statement, Cablevision will attempt to correct that error in a timely manner to the extent permitted by law. Cablevision shall bear no liability or responsibility for any losses of any kind that you may incur as a result of an erroneous statement or due to any delay in the actual date on which your account is debited. Cablevision's sole liability to you shall be Cablevision's obligation to make any appropriate changes once in receipt of your written notification. The actual settlement date (or date the ACH transaction occurs against your checking or savings account) will be no earlier than 3 days before the invoice due date.

You agree to be bound by any rules your financial institution requires for pre-authorized electronic funds transfer. Your bank's policies will determine if any additional charges will apply to your account and how the debit charges will appear on your banking statement. If the payment does not go through for any reason including, for example, insufficient funds, closed accounts, unauthorized withdrawals your Cablevision payment will not be processed. In addition, you may be subject to an additional charge by Cablevision and/or your bank if the bank rejects or reverses the debit payment.

Your participation in this payment option is subject to Cablevision's approval. You understand that Cablevision reserves the right, upon written notification, to terminate your participation in this payment option or to terminate this option at any time. Termination shall not prevent a debit transaction authorized before any notice of termination.

For additional information, refer to Customer Support or contact us by calling a customer service representative.

Cablevision reserves the right to change these conditions at any time by posting the changes on our website.