The Launch of AMC Plus

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What is AMC Plus?

If you feel like you’ve already exhausted all possible television shows and movies amidst the COVID-19 quarantine, fear not! There is a new streaming service in town, AMC+. It is a premium streaming bundle that includes all the best AMC programs, as well as a complete collection of Shudder, Sundance Now, and IFC Films Unlimited. With AMC+, you get first access to your favorite, exclusive series, as well as well-regarded movies and shows with zero ads! 

How is AMC Plus different from AMC premiere?

AMC+ is a bundle which incorporates everything AMC Premiere has, with additional benefits. It includes the premier collections of Shudder, Sundance Now, IFC Films Unlimited. Additionally, it offers exclusive series and access to highly praised shows from AMC, BBC America, IFC, and Sundance TV = all on demand and free!

Where is AMC Plus available?

It is available now via Apple TV Channels, Amazon Prime Video Channels, Comcast Xfinity, DirecTV, Dish, Roku, and Sling TV.

How do I subscribe to AMC Plus?

You can subscribe via Apple TV, Amazon Prime, Roku, Optimum, Comcast Xfinity, DISH, DirecTV, Sling TV, and YouTube TV. 

You can get AMC+ by adding it to Apple TV Channels, Amazon Prime Video Channels, or The Roku Channel. Otherwise, you can search for AMC+ via the On-Demand Menu from Comcast, DirecTV, Dish, Sling TV, or YouTube TV.

AMC+ does not currently offer an app on either the iPhone or Android. You can use your provider's app for your phone or tablet and access AMC+ content on it.

Where is AMC Plus available?

The AMC+ app is currently available in the United States only.

How much does AMC Plus cost?

AMC+ costs $8.99/month. It is completely ad-free and does not offer any other tiers. If you’re an Amazon Prime member, you can get a one-month subscription for $0.99.

Does AMC Plus have a free trial?

AMC allows viewers to try out their add-on subscription for seven days free-of-charge.

What movies and TV shows will be available on AMC Plus?

AMC+ includes an impressive library, but not every season of every show. It features a diverse catalogue of both series and movies with new titles added every month. They are constantly adding both new series and seasons, which you can be kept in the loop about via their e-mail list. 

Some of the programs included are: 

The Walking Dead – Season 10
This is based on Robert Kirkman’s comic book series. It portrays life in the months and years after a zombie apocalypse.  

The Walking Dead: World Beyond – Early Access
This post-apocalyptic horror drama is a limited series that was created by Scott M. Gimple and Matthew Negrete. 

Fear the Walking Dead – Early Access
This is a prequel to AMC’s hit series “Walking Dead.” It reports of a rapidly changing world for unknown reasons.

Mad Men – All Seasons
This takes place in New York in the 1960’s. It is centered around Don Draper, an alpha male who struggles to stay afloat in the high-pressure world of New York City advertising firms. Not only is he a top business man, but also a family man.

Gangs of London - AMC+ Exclusive Series
Tempestuous power struggles are tearing apart the city of London through the international gangs to seek control it, as well as the chaos brought from London’s most powerful crime family being assassinated.

Soulmates – Early Access
The show takes place 15 years in the future. A company called “Soul Connex” creates a test that can determine the person you’re meant to be with and love with 100% accuracy.

Is AMC Plus worth getting?

It does not have as much content as some of the more well-known streaming services, but it does offer a considerable amount of content for a decent price. If you’re a big fan of AMC shows such as “Walking Dead” then this a streaming service worth considering!

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