The past year has redefined your connectivity and entertainment needs.

Through it all, we’ve remained laser-focused on meeting those needs.

Strengthening connectivity

Throughout the past year, connectivity has become increasingly more crucial to our everyday lives. With so many people under one roof remote working, learning and staying entertained online, we’ve been working hard to enhance your connectivity experience. We’ve delivered new features and more speed options to connect you faster and more seamlessly than ever before, including:

1 Gig Internet

We launched 1 Gig Internet across our entire service footprint, delivering faster speeds and larger bandwidth.

Smart WiFi

We introduced Smart WiFi, an enhanced WiFi experience that intelligently and seamlessly ensures you’re connected to the strongest signal in your home.

Built-in Security

We’re enhancing your Internet service with a premium online security feature that protects you from threats like viruses, malware and more

Enhancing entertainment

Throughout the past year, entertainment has played a critical role in our lives – from keeping us informed, to providing a a quick escape during difficult times. We’ve worked hard to help keep you entertained by providing you with even more content and ways to enjoy it, including:

Free Previews

During a time where staying entertained at home was so important, we offered countless free previews of premium, kids and family networks so our video customers had more movies and shows to watch.

Altice One App on Apple TV

We know our customers are watching their entertainment in more ways now than ever. That’s why we launched the Altice One App on Apple TV, so Altice One customers can enjoy the same entertainment experience they love in additional rooms of their home, right on Apple TV.


We expanded our HBO offering to provide HBO subscribers with access to the HBO Max app to enjoy at no extra cost. It includes everything from HBO, plus new Max Originals and classic movies and shows like Friends, giving HBO customers even more of the content they love.

Stingray Karaoke

We launched Stingray Karaoke, a new way to stay entertained at home. This new service brings friends and family together through music with hundreds of songs to choose from On Demand.

Making mobile more flexible

Staying in touch while apart also became crucial. That’s why we introduced new mobile plans that allow you to pay only for what you need - helping you save money while staying in touch.

Thank you for sticking with us

We will continue to focus on keeping you connected and entertained by delivering the best entertainment and connectivity experiences you want and need. It’s the least we can do to say thank you for being an Optimum customer.

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