Higher speed.
Higher savings.

Save $5/mo.

100-300 MBPS Internet Speed

Check your email. Occasionally browse social media.

Save $10/mo.

500 MBPS Internet Speed

Stream music. Refresh social media all day long. Make video calls.

Save $15/mo.

1 Gig Internet Speed

Stream shows, music, and gaming. Join meetings with video.

Save $15/mo.

2 Gig Internet Speed

Serious gaming. Stream more music and video across multiple devices.

Save $15/mo.

5 Gig Internet Speed

Epic power to load multiple streams of heavy gaming, music, and HD video with nearly zero lag.


Enjoy your savings every month

Optimum Mobile and Optimum Fiber

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Stay connected on America’s largest and fastest 5G network

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Bring home the speed and seamless connectivity on our new 100% Fiber Internet network​

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