Want to keep your current phone number? No problem.

Our phone numbers are part of our identity. That’s why Optimum makes it easy for you to keep your current phone number.
keep your current phone number

HD isn’t just for TV anymore – experience HD calling.

We’re the first U.S. home phone provider to offer HD calling, the latest voice technology with less background noise and sharper sound quality.

Optimum Voice has you covered with Enhanced 911.

With Enhanced 911, Emergency Services will be provided with all of your information to arrive on the scene in the event you are unable to speak when you call.

Get Caller ID right on your TV.

Optimum TV customers with Optimum Voice get Caller ID displayed on their TV so they don’t have to get up to see who’s calling.
Caller ID right on your TV

Make unlimited, free 411 directory assistance calls

unlimited free directory assistance calls
Enhanced home wiring

Home wiring

Optimum’s home phone service can be professionally connected to your existing phone jacks, as well as a centrally monitored home security alarm system.