Home Wiring

Optimum Voice's Home Wiring solutions allow Optimum Voice to be professionally connected to your existing home phone jacks as well as a centrally monitored home security system.

Home Wiring Professional Installation Options:

  • Home Wiring Solution: Our technicians will install Optimum Voice to work with the phone jacks currently in your home.
  • Enhanced Home Wiring Solution: Our technicians will install Optimum Voice for use as the connection between your home security system and a central monitoring station. During an Enhanced Home Wiring installation, Optimum Voice can also be connected for use with your existing phone jacks.

Customers using Optimum Voice as a connection between their home security system and central station monitoring are responsible for testing their system with their alarm company at the time of installation and on an ongoing basis.

Additional Information on Home Wiring:

  • Your Optimum Voice modem is electrically powered. In the event of power outages, the modem, including all phones and services connected to or powered by it, will not work. Power outages will disrupt Enhanced 911 service, and the use of Optimum Voice as the connection between your home security system and central monitoring services. A battery backup can be purchased to supply power in the event of a power outage. Learn more about battery backups.
  • Optimum Voice does not offer a wire maintenance plan. You are solely responsible for maintaining all wire and phone jacks within your home. We will be happy to troubleshoot and fix reported problems for a service charge. Optimum Voice will waive the service charge for inside wire repair and maintenance work for the first 30 days after a professional installation of the service.
  • Cablevision does not support the use of Optimum Voice with emergency medical alert systems.
  • Cablevision does not guarantee that Optimum Voice will function with Key systems and PBX systems and will neither connect to such systems nor provide technical support for the connection to such systems.

Note: Some limitations may apply when home wiring is either inaccessible or unusable. Pricing and terms reflect Optimum Voice's current offering and are subject to change.

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