Customize Phone Services

Optimum Voice lets you customize your home phone service to meet your needs. Among the options:

What Is Optimum Voice Homepage?

Optimum Voice homepage is an innovative website that allows you to stay connected to your home phone from anywhere.

  • Check voicemail messages online with Enhanced Voicemail.
  • Connect with your home phone through voicemail text alerts and email notification.
  • Turn on new calling features that protect your privacy and let you stay in touch, such as Anonymous Call Blocker and Find Me.
  • Control your home phone with calling features such as Call Forwarding and VIP Ringing.

What Is Optimum Voice International Calling?

Just pick up a phone, including mobile, and dial friends and family in over 50 destinations around the world for 2¢ a minute. You can call local, long distance or internationally with the same plan. It's easy:**

  • No signup, activation or setup.
  • No calling cards, no per call surcharges, no international calling monthly fees.
  • Low per-minute rates to popular calling destinations.
  • Call internationally from up to five different telephone numbers.
  • Monitor your international calling activity and control usage by setting monthly service limits-you'll be notified when you're reaching this limit.
  • Charges will appear on your monthly Optimum billing statement.

What Is a Battery Backup?

Like a cordless phone, Optimum Voice will not operate if the power in your house goes out. A battery backup can be connected to your Optimum Voice cable modem to provide standby power.

  • Up to 8 hours of stand-by time
  • Up to 6 hours of talk time
  • Lithium ion battery technology
  • Installs without tools

Need an additional home phone line?

Now with Optimum Voice you can add an extra phone line to your home for just $14.95 more per month***.