Optimum Online customers get fast, free, and unlimited WiFi access at over 1 million Optimum WiFi hotspots.

    • You'll be able to stay connected to the people and things that matter while you're at shopping centers, restaurants, cafes, train stations, parks, marinas, malls, and wherever your day takes you.

    • Enjoy free WiFi instead of racking up unnecessary cellular data charges on your phone or tablet. Plus leave the slower speeds of your cellular network behind.

    • Save yourself the hassle of signing in every time. With Automatic Sign In, after you sign in once on your device you're automatically connected whenever you're in an Optimum hotspot.

    • Optimum Online customers can find a hotspot or download the Optimum WiFi Hotspot Finder App at OptimumWiFi.com

    You'll be able to register up to 15 devices for Automatic Sign-In to an Optimum WiFi hotspot:

    Service Tier Number of devices
    Internet Basics 3
    Optimum Online 5
    Optimum Online Ultra 50 10
    Optimum Online Ultra 75 12
    Optimum Online Ultra 101 15

    Of course you can sign on with an unlimited number of devices without Automatic Sign-In.


    There are over 1 million Optimum WiFi hotspots in the tri-state area. Verizon only has 402.

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