Optimum Online Ultra

Optimum Online Ultra Ė Our fastest internet Access. Download 101 Mbps almost as fast as you can say "101 Mbps".

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  • Available to all our customers, connection speeds up to 101 Mbps downstream and 15 Mbps upstream give you the power to download:
    - 750 pictures a minute
    - 150 songs a minute
    - 50,000 pages of information a minute
    - Whew, that is really fast
  • Up to 15 email addresses
    - 5GB of storage per address
    - That's a total of 75 GB of storage.
  • Send massive attachments you never could before - Up to 100 MB per email.
  • Get webhosting capabilities and easy-to-use Sitebuilder tools. Now you donít have to be an IT braniac to build your own personal or commercial website.
  • 12 GB of hosted space.
  • Advanced configurations including DDNS, Port 25 and Port 80.


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System Requirements

To experience the maximum speed of Optimum Online Ultra service, customers must have a Gigabit PCI adapter (also called a Gigabit Ethernet, GigE, or 10/100/1000 interface card) installed on their computer. Gigabit PCI adapters are available from local or online electronic retailers.