Optimum International

    • Stay in touch with what's important to you with international channels* from around the world! Choose an in-language package that's right for you.

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    Optimum Africa
    • Optimum Africa features two African networks.

    Price: $6.95/month
    Optimum Israeli
    • The Israeli Network broadcasts, in Hebrew with English subtitles, the best of current Israeli television 24/7.

    Price: $14.95/month
    Optimum Arabic
    • ART provides a unique blend of Arabic-language programming, including sports, dramas, talk shows and national events.

    Price: $9.95/month
    Optimum Italian
    • Optimum Italian features two Italian language networks.

    Price: $14.95/month
    Optimum Brazilian
    • The best Brazilian television, broadcasting 24 hours a day with digital quality. Everything you love from Brazil is here now!

    Price: $19.95/month
    Optimum Japanese
    • The Optimum Japanese package offers two popular networks.

    Price: $24.95/month
    Optimum Caribbean
    • The Optimum Caribbean package includes three networks.

    Price: $6.95/month

    Optimum Korean
    • Includes five Korean language networks.

    Price: $14.95/month ($24.95 for Broadcast Basic customers)
    Optimum Chinese
    • The Optimum Chinese package features a mix of programming in both Mandarin and Cantonese.

    Price: $14.95/month ($24.95 for Broadcast Basic customers)
    Optimum Polish
    • Includes three Polish language networks.

    Price: $19.95/month

    Optimum en español
    • Now with 55+ Spanish-language channels, with the best from the Caribbean, Central, South America and Spain.

    Price: $12.95/month ($20.95 for Broadcast Basic customers)
    Optimum Portuguese
    • Includes two Portuguese language networks.

    Price: $10.95/month

    Optimum Filipino
    • Includes two Filipino networks.

    Price: $14.95/month
    Optimum Punjabi
    • Jus Punjabi offers the best Punjabi-language Hindi and English programming, including music, dramas and daily news.

    Price: $9.95/month
    Optimum French
    • TV5 Monde broadcasts 24 hours a day with a wide array of news, movies, documentaries, entertainment and cultural programs.

    Price: $9.95/month
    Optimum Russian
    • A selection of six leading Russian language networks.

    Price: $29.95/month
    Optimum German
    • DW Amerika brings you the latest news, updates on the German Soccer League, daily lifestyle shows, and much more.

    Price: $4.95/month
    Optimum South Asian
    • Includes a variety of programs from the Indian subcontinent on six exciting networks.

    Price: $24.95/month ($34.95 for Broadcast Basic customers)
    Optimum Greek
    • Optimum Greek features two Greek language networks.

    Price: $14.95/month

    Optimum Premier South Asian
    • Enjoy Bollywood movies, cricket and more on nine of the top-rated networks from South Asia.

    Price: $39.95/month ($49.95 for Broadcast Basic customers)