Contract Renewals

Most of the channels that we offer our customers are owned by third parties. We negotiate contracts with those parties and pay them monthly fees to carry their channels.

Contracts for the channels listed below may expire in the upcoming months. Optimum is almost always able to negotiate agreements with the owners of these channels to continue to offer these channels to our customers without disruption. On rare occasions, some contracts for certain channels expire, usually due to demands from programmers for significant increases in fees. Therefore, it is possible that contracts for some of the channels listed below will not be renewed, in which case Optimum would no longer have the right to offer those channels to our customers. Loss of broadcast stations listed here would include loss of all multicast channels, if any, transmitted by such stations. This site is updated monthly to inform customers of upcoming contract expirations.

March 2023

  • iTVN
  • TVN24

April 2023

  • QVC2

May 2023

  • GMA Pinoy TV
  • Reelz Channel




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