7 Keys to Mobile Site Content, Part 2

7 Keys to Mobile Site Content, Part 2

You’ve gone to great lengths to optimize your website so it looks great across multiple devices. But if you’re overlooking a copy revamp, you could be losing mobile visitors who are turned off by the content you present. Use these seven tips to make your content mobile-ready.

When customers are reading your content on the go, new rules apply. In a mobile environment, users don’t spend the same amount of time on content as they would on a desktop or laptop.

Mobile-optimized content delivers your message quickly and concisely.

To get it right, here are seven keys to keep in mind:


1. Keep it short.

A seven-line paragraph doubles in length on a small screen, making it difficult to read, says Kari DePhillips, owner of content marketing firm, The Content Factory, LLC. A recent survey by Adobe1 found that 67 percent of consumers would leave a site if content is too long.


2. Quality counts.

Well-written content with context and valuable information is important, says content writer Leah Ingram, who launched her blog, SuddenlyFrugal.com nine years ago. The more informative or surprising your content, the more likely it is to be shared.


3. Be honest and authentic.

The Adobe survey also found that consumers viewing online content are also more skeptical than ever about what they’re reading. Forty-two percent question whether a news article has legitimate information. If you’re publishing information, be sure that you’re being a stickler for accuracy and delivering truthful, useful content.


4. Bullets rule.

Ingram is also “more likely to use bullets, subheads and other ways to break up copy making pieces easier to read,” she says. Doing so makes content easy to scan and prevents large copy blocks.


5. Limit Links.

DePhillips says that mobile readers are less likely to click around a website. If they’re on a page, it’s usually for a specific purpose, like to read an article. She recommends limiting clickable options to direct the reader to other pages on the site. Instead, make the page as visually clean as possible, she advises.


6. Fit the screen.

Just as on a traditional laptop or computer screen, mobile site visitors shouldn’t need to scroll left or right to read the full site copy, DePhillips says. “If your mobile site has that issue, fixing it should be a top priority,” she adds.


7. Optimize appropriately.

If your company relies on mobile search, optimize your copy for location-based queries so people can find your company when they’re out and about, DePhillips says.


1The State of Content: Rules of Engagement for 2016, Adobe, December 2015.

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