Optimum Business (Formerly Suddenlink Business) PRO WiFi Service Attachment Additional Terms and Conditions

Optimum Business is pleased to provide PRO WiFi Service (“PRO WiFi Service”) to Optimum Subscribers in accordance with these Terms and Conditions (“TOS”) which incorporate and include the Commercial Service Agreement and Privacy Policy, and as such may be updated from time to time (collectively, the "Optimum Terms of Service"). In the event of any conflict between this TOS below and the Optimum Terms of Service, the Optimum Terms of Service shall control.

Subscriber's use of PRO WiFi Service shall be deemed acknowledgment that Subscriber has read and agreed to these TOS. The provisions below set forth Optimum Business's responsibilities to install, maintain and support PRO Wi-Fi Service.

PRO WiFi Service is designed, configured, and installed based on Customer’s location-specific conditions. All related equipment in the provisioning and ongoing maintenance of PRO WiFi Service remains the property of Optimum Business. Customer is not permitted to move, dissemble or change any hardware or software pertaining to PRO WiFi Service.

  1. 1. Service Description: Optimum Business’s PRO WiFi Service is a turnkey wireless data network service that enables Customer to extend its network at their location. PRO WiFi Service provides a technologically advanced, fully managed and reliable wireless network that eliminates the challenges of Customer’s implementation and management, while reducing capital expenditures. PRO WiFi Service includes:
    1.   a. the ability to extend Customer’s existing networking infrastructure;
    2.   b. support for multiple SSIDs that provide secure and separate wireless LANs;
    3.   c. fully managed equipment (controllers, switches, access points) covering all software/firmware upgrades and break/fix management and coordination;
    4.   d. system staging (equipment pre-configuration and testing);
    5.   e. system installation (equipment mounting, cabling, connections as required);
    6.   f. on-site “go live” support (connecting to Customer’s network and authentication systems, Customer training on systems operation and portal usage);
    7.   g. 24 X 7 PRO WiFi Network monitoring; and
    8.   h. Customer portal (reporting, trouble tickets, moves/adds/changes).
  2. 2. System Design and Implementation Overview: Optimum Business will conduct the following activities during the course of design and provisioning PRO Wi-Fi Service:
    1.   a. Questionnaire and check list to outline requirements
    2.   b. Configuration and Installation of PRO WiFi Service
      1.    i. Hardware sourcing and staging
      2.    ii. Installation and cabling
  3. 3. Roles and Responsibilities:
    1.   a. Optimum Business responsibilities:
      1.    i. Gather Optimum Business PRO WiFi requirements questionnaire
      2.    ii. Gather AP count with placements and infrastructure required
    2.   b. Customer responsibilities:
      1.    i. Complete Optimum Business PRO WiFi requirements questionnaire
    3.   c. Exclusions:
      1.    i. On-site support of Customer environment
      2.    ii. Troubleshooting of existing wireless issues
  4. 4. Configuration and Installation Services: Optimum Business will provide PRO WiFi Service configuration and installation as follows:
    1.   a. Staging and Configuration – Optimum Business will receive and stage the equipment prior to delivery of equipment to Customer location(s).
    2.   b. On-Site Installation Services – Optimum Business will perform on-site installation services at each Customer location to include, if applicable, one or more of the following services as required:
      1.    i. AP mounting, wiring and configuration
      2.    ii. Switch configurations for required POE switches to support ONLY wireless network
      3.    iii. Testing and validation
      4.    iv. Basic guest access configuration
    3.   c. Start of Service – Billing will begin upon installation of the first device on a per location basis.
    4.   d. Assumptions:
      1.    i. Locations are non-union and do not require prevailing wages. In the event a location requires the use of unions or work must be performed at prevailing wages in accordance with law, appropriate pricing will be addressed in the SOW.
      2.    ii. Location is prepared with rack space for all required equipment.
      3.    iii. All installations are indoors. Outdoor installations may require additional resources and costs.
      4.    iv. Per diem fees are associated with PRO WiFi Service for travel by Optimum Business to any location outside of 75 mile radius of New York City and will be quoted separately.
      5.    v. All work is based on all work areas being accessible and ready during normal business hours Mon-Fri 8:00am-5:00pm.
      6.    vi. All work areas are assumed to be asbestos free.
      7.    vii. Quantities are limited to those specified in this Agreement only.
      8.    viii. Standard office conditions apply including sheet rock walls and drop ceilings not to exceed ten (10) feet in height.
      9.    ix. No riser work included in the quotes.
      10.    x. Core holes will be billable if required through floors.
      11.    xi. No electrical work is included in the quotes.
      12.    xii. No conduit work is included in the quotes.
      13.    xii. If after hours cabling work is required, rates will need to be adjusted.
      14.    xiv. Work not requiring special equipment (e.g., hoists, harness, ladders in excess of 8 feet, etc.).
      15.    xv. Customer is responsible for all end user support and end user devices. Optimum Business will not provide helpdesk support for end user devices.
      16.    xvi. Customer has to have/order Optimum internet service.
    5.   e. Optimum Business responsibilities:
      1.    i. Supplying, terminating and running Cat5 cabling to specified AP locations.
      2.    ii. Mounting of AP with manufacture provided AP mounts.
      3.    iii. Rack, cable, and configure new dedicated wireless network switches.
    6.   f. Customer responsibilities:
      1.    i. Ensure configuration of existing network and security infrastructure.
      2.    ii. Ensure adequate space, power, and cooling at each location for new wireless equipment.
    7.   g. Exclusions – Configuration includes data for PRO WiFi Service only and excludes any Customer requested site configuration.
  5. 5. Ongoing Support of PRO WiFi Service: Optimum Business will perform remote monitoring and management of the implemented PRO WiFi Service as set forth below.
    1.   a. 24 x 7 Monitoring with Access to User Interface – PRO WiFi Service will be effectively monitored with alerts on all monitored devices on a 24 x 7 basis.
    2.   b. Customer must provide Optimum Business at least two (2) hours advance notice of a change in Customer’s site configuration that could potentially change the state of connectivity of the equipment covered in this Agreement.
    3.   c. 24 x 7 Support – Customer will have the ability to open tickets 24 x 7 with Optimum Business’s Network Management Center by calling 1-800-490-9604
    4.   d. Exclusions – Customer is responsible for all end user support and end user devices. Optimum Business will not provide helpdesk access to support end user devices.
  6. 6.Non-Returned Equipment Charge: Customer will be charged an unreturned equipment fee of $450.00 for each AP and $450.00 for the Switch if they are not returned within 30 days after billing has been stopped.

Effective: November 8, 2021