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Keep Your Small Business Growing with a4 Advertising

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Now more than ever, getting the word out about your small business being open and ready to offer its products or services is critical to success. Grabbing the attention of someone who otherwise may not have known about your business can create lifelong customers and help your business grow even during these uncertain times.

a4 Advertising, Altice Advanced Advertising & Analytics, is Altice USA’s data and advertising business that delivers multiscreen campaigns for small businesses, local, regional, national, political, and multicultural advertisers and their agencies. a4 Advertising provides your business with the means to reach the right customer at the right time and on the right devices - giving you an edge over your competition.

Understanding Options for Video Advertising

When creating a balanced and effective advertising plan, understanding the difference between Linear (cable) and OTT (Over-the-Top) television options can help you reach larger audiences in a highly targeted way. Linear TV ads are commercials that run within full-length shows and movies during scheduled commercial breaks on cable television. They get high ratings, huge audiences, and have a high impact on their viewers.

On the other hand, OTT ads run on streaming media services, in full-length television content, and on any connected device. As cord-cutters become more prevalent, video streaming continues to become more popular. This means more OTT inventory that you, as an advertiser, can take advantage of. a4 Advertising’s OTT delivery is optimized to place ads where 70% of OTT consumption occurs - the connected television. That, along with hundreds of partnerships with content providers and devices, can ensure a broader reach to the right households.

Another popular and effective video ad medium is online video, or pre/mid-roll video. These ads extend your message off the big screen and onto the smaller screens during short videos online - like the highlight reel from last night’s big game on a sports website. Same audience, different content, and a different device. a4 Advertising covers them all to ensure the broadest reach possible for your business. 

Leveraging Display and Mobile Ads

Speaking of broader reach, there are a few constants in our ever-changing world; people are always on the move and are never without their phones. That’s why display advertising - especially mobile display - has become an essential piece of today’s advertising mix. a4 offers several cost-effective display advertising options that can help you reach your audience and generate more awareness for your business. One solution is mobile display advertising through a4’s proprietary AdMessenger product, which features a fully customizable scrolling text ad on your target audience’s mobile device. For any business, it’s critical to be seen on mobile devices. With AdMessenger, a4 Advertising can make that happen for your business with any message, any time. 

How Can a4 Advertising Help Grow Your Small Business?

No matter what industry your small business is part of; advertising is a key to success. Whether you own a local coffee shop or are opening a brand-new salon, increasing visibility with the right audience helps you attract new customers who, in turn, will help grow your business. a4 Advertising uses real viewership data to understand when your ideal audience is watching and what they are watching on television. They then craft a tailored multiscreen media plan that will place your ads into the households that are most likely to want or need your product or service.

a4 Advertising helps keep you connected to your customers - no matter what screen they are using to consume media. They work with businesses, large and small, helping them deliver their message to their ideal target customer on every screen while offering a custom solution at every budget level. 

Ready to find out how a4 Advertising can help you grow your business today? Visit their website and reach out to learn more!