How Small Businesses Eliminate Risk with a Multi-layered Security Strategy

Cyber Security

With 66% of small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) having experienced a cyberattack last year, companies are starting to agree that there should be more emphasis placed on security in their organization. In fact, 89% of SMBs see cybersecurity as one of the top priorities.

But the challenge for many SMBs is the enormous burden of managing security and preventing threats placed on the organization. SMBs cannot afford to be network security experts, mitigating every attack, and anticipating the next significant threat. That is why the best protection for a small business to protect against cyberattacks is a multi-layered one.

A multi-layered security approach ensures that every single shield has a backup to counter any of the holes that may occur in the other defenses of security. Employing a web application firewall, endpoint protections, and secure email gateways, rather than relying on just traditional antivirus protection yields stronger perimeters. For example, phishing attacks are rapidly halted when an email and endpoint security work together to expose the presence of malware.

When Ransomware and DDoS attacks, in addition to other forms of rapidly evolving cyber threats, can cause immediate financial and operational damage to a business, employing a multi-layered security approach to IT security is an essential piece for any organization's overall security strategy. That is why smaller businesses, without the same resources as their larger counterparts, are turning to the cloud as a viable alternative to gain comprehensive protection.

Cloud-based multi-layered small business Internet security lowers the costs of infrastructure, bandwidth, and outsourcing. It streamlines processes and reports significant improvements in malware threats, downtime, and data breaches.

Finding a single provider who offers a multi-security solution helps companies ensure security and efficiency. It also frees businesses to stay focused on their daily growth, operations, and innovations.

At Optimum Business, keeping your business secured is our number one priority. For more information on our multi-layered security approach and how it can be applied to help protect your small business, click here to read more about our Secure Internet service or call us at 1-866-209-1099.