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Business TV Made Simpler for Your Small Business

Add Business TV services to keep employees and customers in the know and entertained

It’s been awhile since people have been glued to their TVs, staying up to date and in the new with the news. But with all that has been going on these last several months, both employees and customers want to ensure they’re staying more informed than ever. Of course, TV is far more useful than just as a source for information—it can also provide an escape for people who are seeking some entertainment while they wait or are on a break.

What businesses need nowadays are options for TV—in other words, a whole host of business TV packages to choose from. Whether employees and customers want to watch the big game, keep up with the local news, or even make valiant attempts to keep their kids entertained while they browse a store or are seated in the waiting room, it’s no secret that TV is a must for small businesses.

While many might agree that bars, restaurants, and hotels are ideal spaces to feature TV services, the truth is that just about any type of business—in any industry—can benefit from adding in TV entertainment to their offerings. Making TV available in common areas and breakrooms can even create a better employee experience overall. Of course, while long waits are sometimes unavoidable, customers, visitors, and patients can keep themselves entertained with sports, news, talk shows, and even music to make their wait feel much less lengthy and far more tolerable.

How Can TV Services Benefit My Small Business?

Business TV packages provide a way to offer a higher level of service than your competitors. It’s a cost-effective and simple way to enhance your customers’ experience while keeping them in the know. Customer experience is more critical than ever to ensure your customers keep coming back, and naturally, a pleasant waiting experience can make an impactful difference when it comes to setting yourself apart from the competition.

What Package is Best for My Business?

Optimum business TV service is available with multiple package options so businesses can customize and tailor their choices to fit employees’ and clients’ specific tastes.

We have packages that range from Broadcast Basic all the way to more robust packages like Business Preferred. Either way, our channel lineups include a little something for everyone, from kids programming like Disney Channel to news channels like CNN.

Can We Watch the Big Game?

People have always rallied around sports, and when businesses offer sports packages that allow them to watch their favorite hometown teams, there’s no doubt about the fact that they’ll want to rally around your TV. From game highlights to live viewing, customers won’t miss a snap, a shot, or a hit while they are visiting your business.

What About Music?

Optimum offers businesses Stingray Music, which includes a wide array of uninterrupted listening choices. Whether people seek something calm to listen to in the waiting room or want to get moving in a bar or restaurant, there’s a huge variety of options!

World-Wide News Entertainment Part of the Deal?

Some Optimum Packages even offer international news and programming. This can offer business’ bilingual and multi-cultural customers entertainment in a multitude of native languages so that no one is missing out on their favorite shows or any important news updates.

What About Local Channels?

News12 is part of our Optimum lineup and provides regional news and updates for Long Island, Westchester, Brooklyn, the Bronx, and much more. Customers can see what’s going on in their communities with live updates.

Is It Affordable?

Even in these challenging times, any business can afford to add TV services. With packages starting at just $25.95 a month, business TV service is a simple and affordable way to keep employees and customers entertained during their workday or during their wait.

Your Business TV Partner is Here to Help

Keeping customers entertained is easy and affordable with Business TV from Optimum. There’s never been a better time to take advantage of Optimum Business TV and start providing customers with the entertainment they want through our impressive channel lineup. And with packages starting at just $25.95 a month, it’s never been more affordable.

So, why wait? Make sure there’s always something worth watching. Click here to learn more about our Business TV options or call 866-209-1099.