5 Ways PRO WiFi from Suddenlink Business can Help Grow a Small Business

Our Best Business Wifi to Keep Customers Connected.

With nearly all of our devices getting smarter, including innovations in smart lights, smart locks and smart speakers, shouldn’t wifi routers be smart too? Small business owners rely on wireless Internet to keep their guests connected, and they rely on their connected customers to attract even more customers. Optimum Business PRO WiFi provides the seamless connected experience that will not only keep your customers coming back for more, but also advanced tools for learning more about your connected guests. Making your business a WiFi hotspot can set you apart from the competition and help you stand out.

In this post, we'll talk about:

  • How does small business WiFi help retain customers?
  • How can PRO WiFi help with marketing?
  • How can the PRO WiFi portal help your customers?
  • How can PRO WiFi protect guests from inappropriate content?
  • Is PRO WiFi managed WiFi?

Customers Demand Connectivity, Even From a Small Business

A small business owner often plans every aspect of their operation - from seating layouts, to reception desks, to what’s displayed on the walls, but the customer experience extends beyond just aesthetics. Today’s customers demand constant, reliable connectivity when they visit a business. With PRO WiFi from Optimum, a business owner or manager can offer the best business WiFi for both guests and employees with separate networks built-in from the start, ensuring access for your customers while isolating your business devices to keep them safe.

PRO WiFi works with up to 4 access points, and with professional installation, we strategically position each access point to ensure the maximum amount of coverage for everyone at your small business, no matter your location size. Whether you’re trying to increase signal in the waiting room or the break room, Optimum Business PRO WiFi offers secure and efficient small business WiFi that customers and employees can both appreciate. No one wants to struggle for a signal, hunting for just the right place to send a message or browse the web. PRO WiFi provides the high speeds and reliability your small business needs to thrive, while also keeping your customers connected to what they love the most.

Branded Customer Portals Deliver a More Personal Experience

Customer interacting with PRO WiFi at a small business

PRO WiFi changes the way customers connect to your small business - literally. When guests connect to your network they can be shown a unique login portal that lets your business showcase a branded, customized splash page with the business name and logo. When customers see the personalized page, they will enjoy the comfort and security of knowing they are safely connecting to the correct network tied to the business. Branded portals is just one more way PRO WiFi showcases how it can be the business WiFi solution to deliver a more personal experience to your customers.

Build Better Marketing Campaigns With Personalized Messaging

Does your business WiFi solution provide valuable customer insights and leads in real time? With Optimum Business PRO WiFi, businesses can ask customers to provide certain details, including email addresses, phone numbers, name, or age group, in order to connect to the WiFi network. These qualified leads can then be leveraged in email or other types of marketing campaigns, ultimately providing the ability to build long-term relationship with existing customers.

Content Filtering Gets Them Where They Want to Go – and Protects Them From Sites They Don't Need to See

If a business owner should control and manage every aspect of their company, shouldn’t the owner be able to control and manage every aspect of their WiFi? Content filtering provides the ability to block specific URLs that are untrustworthy or that might showcase inappropriate content for your particular place of business. Your patrons and their families can ensure that even though they can get connected, they will be safe from any undesired subject matter that may not be fit for children who may have connected devices, as well as from other guests who they may be sharing space with. Content filtering is just another way to extend your brand and show your customers they can trust your business.

But Is It Managed WiFi?

Small business owner managing their WiFi customer experience

The main difference between traditional WiFi systems and a managed WiFi system is a matter of support. Traditional business WiFi is typically managed with switches or routers that have to be configured manually. If anything breaks after the configuration has been set up, then it is up to the business to figure out how to solve the problem, or to hire a 3rd party who must first learn the specific configuration before being able to make any recommendations. Because PRO WiFi is managed WiFi, we help you not only to set up your system but are also on call 24/7 in case anything goes wrong. Our technical support representatives are PRO WiFi experts, and can often resolve issues remotely without any need for an on-site technician. In other words, we help manage your WiFi so you don’t have to.

Optimum Business PRO WiFi provides the best business WiFi experience we’ve ever offered on top of the reliable, fast Internet our customers expect. Click here to read more about PRO WiFi, or contact us to speak with a representative.