What is ESPN Plus?

How ESPN is stepping up their game. 
Athletes from more than 100 countries, competing in 60 different sports. Manicured baseball fields, world-class ice rinks and state-of-the-art complexes for basketball, volleyball and gymnastics. Fine restaurants featuring a delectable selection of international cuisine for hungry spectators and sports fans. A full schedule of games and events. What is all of this: the Olympics?

Data at (almost) the speed of light. 

  Nothing can travel faster than the speed of light. In fact, light speed is the equivalent of 186,000 miles per second and over 670 million miles per hour. At that rate, you could travel seven-and-a-half times around the earth . . . in just one second.1

What is Latency?

Like many American teenagers, Kyle Giersdorf enjoys playing online video games. In fact, “enjoy” may be a bit of an understatement. Kyle, who goes by his gamer tag “Bugha”, has a supportive family who understands his passion for online video games and especially his fondness for Fortnite. The game simulates a virtual world that is mostly devoid of human life with the object being to fight for survival against whatever beings cross your path.

With our internet speeds, gaming is a win/win for players of all ages

The one game that started it all. You might find this hard to believe (especially if you’re under 30 years old), but the first home video game system was introduced to the public during the game technology stone age of the 1970s. This was when Atari introduced a very rudimentary video game called PONG. The system sold for about $100 and it immediately took off, and thus, the gaming industry’s evolution began.