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Should I stay or should I go?

My girlfriend Sarah needs to work on her consistency. First she tells me I have to get out of the house more, but then she orders DVR for iO TV for MY place. How am I going to get out of the house if every show I want to watch is now at my fingertips IN my house? In FREE HD, no less?

Oh, wait. Now I see her little scheme. If I can record virtually everything I want to watch from outside the house, then I have no excuse not to LEAVE the house. You are a devious woman, Sarah! Next thing you know, you'll be ordering Subscription On Demand for me so I can watch True Blood or Nurse Jackie whenever I want! Hint. Hint.

(Yeah, I said Nurse Jackie. It's Carmella Soprano... as a nurse! Got a problem with that? LOL)

So here's another great thing I just found out about. Optimum Online is now offering 2 GB of FREE Optimum Online Backup . It's powered by Carbonite®, which has a pretty big name in the industry. That means I can restore lost or damaged computer files and photos in minutes. Here's the great part: I'm only paying $29.95 a month for my Optimum Online this year (because I ordered it with iO TV and Optimum Voice). Yet here they are offering FREE backup, too! That's a company that wants to keep my business.

I'm cool with that.


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