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Cinemax On Demand1 ($4.95/month)
HBO On Demand2 ($4.95/month)
HBO - 22 HBO channels ($14.95/month)
Showtime On Demand3 ($4.95/month)
Starz/Encore On Demand4 ($4.95/month)
TMC On Demand7 ($4.95/month)
Movie Pak ( $5.95 )
Movie Pak ( $2.95 )
Disney Family Movies ($4.95/month)
TOKU ($6.95/month)
WWE 24/7 On Demand ($6.95/month)
here! On Demand ($6.95/month)
Playboy TV On Demand6 ($4.95/month)
The Jewish Channel ($4.95/month)
Bollywood Hits ($9.95/month)
1You must already receive Cinemax to subscribe to the Cinemax On Demand channel.
2You must already receive HBO to subscribe to the HBO On Demand channel.
3You must already receive Showtime to subscribe to the Showtime On Demand channel.
4You must already receive Starz or Encore to subscribe to the Starz and Encore On Demand channels
5You must already receive the Disney Channel to subscribe to Disney Channel On Demand.
6You must already receive Playboy TV to subscribe to the Playboy TV On Demand channel.
7You must already receive TMC to subscribe to the TMC On Demand channel.

To order Cinemax, HBO, Showtime, Starz, Encore, Playboy TV or the Disney Channel call 1-866-213-0260.

*Game Time app is only available to subscribers with an iPhone with 3.1+ operating systems and all Android devices with 1.6+ operating systems across T-Mobile, Verizon, Sprint and AT&T.