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Optimum Online SpamScrub

Optimum Online has partnered with Brightmail to offer SpamScrub, a complimentary spam filtering service that will help reduce the amount of spam delivered to your Inbox.

SpamScrub automatically detects most incoming spam and diverts it from your Inbox before it gets to you.

You can also use SpamScrub to clean out any unwanted e-mail that does reach your Inbox. Simply go to your Webmail Inbox, which can be accessed from, place a "check" in the box next to the message, and click the "Mark as Spam" icon on the Webmail toolbar. Or, if you have already opened the message, simply click the "Mark as Spam" icon on the toolbar within the message. Once you click the icon, the message will be automatically reported to Brightmail as spam, and the message will be deleted from your Inbox. Brightmail technicians have developed certain criteria or rules for identifying and filtering spam. The information you submit helps update these rules and prevents you from getting similar spam e-mails in the future.