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Optimum Online E-Mail Virus Protection
Optimum Online offers complimentary E-mail Virus Protection, powered by Symantec.TM This program is active on the Optimum Online network and decreases the risk of e-mail-transmitted viruses from attacking a computer on the Optimum Online network. Mail attachments are scanned before they reach your mailbox, reducing your risk of opening an infected e-mail.

If E-mail Virus Protection detects a virus on an incoming e-mail attachment, an e-mail message will report that it has cleaned the attachment identified to contain a virus, or that it was unable to disinfect the attachment, or that the message itself was infected and therefore had to be deleted.

For the security of all Optimum Online users and the network, this feature is active on all Optimum Online e-mail accounts and cannot be disabled.

Although the messages you send and receive through Optimum Online's e-mail system are protected, it is recommended that you install an anti-virus program on your computer. It can also stop viruses that may already be on your hard drive from accessing the Internet and spreading. Installing firewall software on your computer can prevent remote users from accessing your computer, as well.

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