Customize Phone Services

Optimum Voice lets you customize your home phone service to meet your needs. Among the options:

What Is Optimum Voice Homepage?

Optimum Voice homepage is an innovative website that allows you to stay connected to your home phone from anywhere.

  • Check voicemail messages online with Enhanced Voicemail.
  • Connect with your home phone through voicemail text alerts and email notification.
  • Turn on new calling features that protect your privacy and let you stay in touch, such as Anonymous Call Blocker and Find Me.
  • Control your home phone with calling features such as Call Forwarding and VIP Ringing.

What Is Optimum Voice World Call?

Call anywhere in the world, anytime for one low price!*

  • Talk as long as you want! You get up to 250 minutes of calling anywhere in the world, day or night, which includes up to 30 minutes of calling to Cuba.
  • No per-minute or connection charges
  • Same low rate every month with no surprises
  • It's easy to use -- just pick up and call directly from your Optimum Voice home phone. There are no extra numbers or special codes to dial.
  • Easy billing to your Cablevision account

What Is Optimum Voice International Calling?

Just pick up a phone, including mobile, and dial friends and family in over 50 destinations around the world for 2¢ a minute. You can call local, long distance or internationally with the same plan. It's easy:**

  • No signup, activation or setup.
  • No calling cards, no per call surcharges, no international calling monthly fees.
  • Low per-minute rates to popular calling destinations.
  • Call internationally from up to five different telephone numbers.
  • Monitor your international calling activity and control usage by setting monthly service limits-you'll be notified when you're reaching this limit.
  • Charges will appear on your monthly Optimum billing statement.

What Is a Battery Backup?

Like a cordless phone, Optimum Voice will not operate if the power in your house goes out. A battery backup can be connected to your Optimum Voice cable modem to provide standby power.

  • Up to 8 hours of stand-by time
  • Up to 6 hours of talk time
  • Lithium ion battery technology
  • Installs without tools

Need an additional home phone line?

Now with Optimum Voice you can add an extra phone line to your home for just $14.95 more per month***.