MLB Extra Innings

Do you live baseball? Catch all of the big league action with MLB Extra Innings on Optimum TV. Now available in HD on Ch. 481 - 489.

Even if you live in one city and your team is in another, MLB Extra Innings lets you see the hottest games and biggest stars throughout the action-packed regular season.

View up to 80 out-of-market, regular season Major League Baseball games each week.

Check back next season for the latest schedule and pricing.

The following games will be blacked out for Cablevision customers. These games are available on other local and national networks:

  • New York Yankees and New York Mets games are not available to Cablevision MLB Extra Innings customers.
  • Boston Red Sox games are not available to our Litchfield and New Haven CT systems, MLB Extra Innings customers.
  • Philadelphia Phillies games are not available to Hamilton, Seaside and portions of our Monmouth (Optimum) systems, MLB Extra Innings customers.

See more information about MLB Extra Innings blackout restrictions MLB Extra Innings blackout restrictions

MLB Extra Innings