What You Need to Install HDTV

Our handy HDTV checklist will tell you what you need to begin watching television in crystal-clear high-definition resolution.

A high definition TV set
A high definition TV set
  • You can choose a plasma, liquid crystal display (LCD) or cathode ray tube (CRT) HD television.
    • LCD: Short for liquid crystal display. These liquid crystals are placed between glass plates, and produce different colors when small temperature changes are introduced to the area using electrical charges.
    • CRT: Short for cathode-ray tube. CRT is still by far the most commonly used display technology today. CRT uses a beam that scans lines onto the display screen.
    • Plasma: Plasma display technology is most commonly used in large, flat panel television. Plasma panels consist of tiny tubes that create images when charged with electricity.
HDTV service from Optimum
HDTV service from Optimum
  • To receive HD service, you must have a digital HD cable box hooked up to your TV set with HD-compatible cables, like the component cables provided or HDMI (purchased separately).
  • You may need to exchange your standard digital cable box for an HDTV digital cable box. To do so, find an Optimum Store near you.
  • Getting HDTV service is easy. Simply call us at 1-866-874-HDTV and request an HDTV digital cable box.
The show is broadcast in high definition
The show is broadcast in high definition
  • HD channels start at Channel 700.
  • You can check your local channel listings, which will indicate the programs that are broadcast in HD.
  • Take a look at our HD channel lineup.

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