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Optimum TV customers enjoy free access to our interactive TV games service, TAG Games! Enjoy hours of entertainment with an exciting lineup of TV games for both children and adults!

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    A classic two-player board game that tests your strategic thinking and your luck!

    Beach Solitaire

    Play a relaxing game of solitaire on the world's most beautiful beaches. Classic Klondike solitaire is a staple game for casual players in need of a brief escape, and where better to escape than a warm sunny beach?

    Black Jack

    Black Jack is one of the most popular casino games in the world. Pit your skills against the dealer and see if you can score a "21!"


    Checkers is a classic strategy game that has withstood the test of time. Crown your king and become a checkers champ.


    Chess could be the most strategic game of all time. Born of classic warfare, you need to think your way to capturing your opponent's king. To become a master, you need to think 3, 4, and 5 moves ahead.

    Club 21

    Love Black Jack? You'll love the faster pace of Club 21. Play 5 simultaneous hands to make 21 on all your hands before the time runs out.


    To find inner peace and big points, stay out of the bone yard in this classic. The delicate balance of strategy and luck endear players to this game making it one of the most popular multiplayer casual games.


    One player's pass is another's treasure in this card passing game. A classic card game brought home to the convenience of TV in an easy to play and fun fairytale setting.

    High Stakes Hold'em

    Hold'em takes poker excitement to a whole new level. Do you hold? Call? Or go all in?


    Play one of the world's most played games. Clear the mines on the board by following the number clues, don't make a mistake or it'll all go up in a big boom!


    Time to rack em' up for a game of 8-ball or 9-ball. Play against another player or the computer and don't scratch on the 8-ball.


    Outwit and out-think your opponent in this soon-to-be-classic, fast paced strategy board game.


    Get your casino experience from your home with classic slots gaming.


    Call your bids and pull tricks in this game of partnership cards. Enjoy this classic playing against the computer, or find unending challenges in network multiplayer games.


    Solve this logic puzzle for piece of mind. Sweeping the world with its addictive simplicity, the game is found in newspapers and magazines across the country.

    Summit Solitaire

    Play your cards right to be the first to crest the summit! Ease of play, an exciting theme and progressive play through multiple rounds make this one of TAG's most widely-played games!

    Video Poker

    Get your poker face on! Bluff, bet and win in this classic casino game.

    Word Champ

    In this boxing themed puzzle, in each round you need to untangle the anagrams or get knocked out!