With so many advanced features, it takes watching TV to a whole new level.

Optimum App

Optimum App

Used to be if you wanted to take your TV with you, you'd have to lug around a 42 inch flat screen and a very long extension cord. Download the free Optimum App and you can watch live TV anywhere in your home on your laptop, iPad®, iPhone®, iPod touch®, Kindle Fire and select Android tablets and smartphones. Plus, search the channel guide and set your DVR from anywhere. Want to watch TV away from home? The App now offers online access to tons of your favorite shows and networks, like HBO, ESPN, Cartoon Network & CNN and more.

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With thousands of On Demand choices you can't possibly watch them all tonight. Watch some now, add the rest to your cart and watch them when you're ready. Could it really be this easy? Yes.

Fill up your cart on Optimum TV Channel 500 or optimum.net/cart.

Power On

Power On

Power on to your favorite Optimum TV channel with Power On. With Power On you can set your TV to start on your favorite channel. It's a small convenience but it's the kind of stuff we love to do to keep our customers happy.

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Local Channels

Local Channels

Satellites orbit at 22,300 miles. How can a Satellite company understand what's going on in your neighborhood? Get the best local coverage on News 12, News 12 Traffic & Weather, and MSG Varsity.

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Optimum Photos


Your vacation pics are now a reality show starring you. Your kids' sports shots are today's top plays. With Optimum Photos you can view your Facebook photos, your friend's photos plus comments and more, all on your TV. Just go to optimum.net/photos and log in, click on the Facebook icon, then tune to Optimum TV ch. 640 to view your best shots.

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TAG Games

TAG Games

Exclusively on Optimum TV ch. 610, TAG Games will let you play many of your favorite games right on your TV absolutely free. Play High Stakes Hold 'em, Sudoku, Tetris, Bookworm and Bejeweled 2 – dozens of games without a gaming system.

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Optimum TV Shortcuts

Ever wonder what the C button was for? Click it and it instantly connects you to news, sports & weather. You can also search for something to watch, view on demand top picks, and more without changing the channel.

Quick Views

Optimum Quick Views

Don't want to cruise through all 450 channels on our channel guide? Now you can make your own channel guide with Quick Views and see what's on your favorite channels. To create your own Quick Views, go to Optimum TV ch. 600 and follow the onscreen instructions.

Easier Search

Optimum Features Search

It's time for less searching and more finding. Now finding movies, shows and On Demand programming is easier than ever. You can search movies by actor, program and genre by pressing C on your remote.

Caller ID on Optimum TV

Optimum Features Caller ID

See your incoming calls, including name and telephone number, right on your TV. A cool feature for customers who have the Optimum Triple Play.


Not only will you never miss a show, you'll never miss recording a show, because with Web DVR you can control your DVR online, record shows, see scheduled recordings and more.

Optimum Select

Optimum Features Select

With the press of the "SEL" button on your remote, Optimum TV customers can get more from their TV. When a blue bar appears at the bottom of an Optimum Select commercial, press the "SEL" button to receive free samples, coupons and more. Now you definitely won’t want to lose the remote.