Multi-Room DVR Plus > Getting to Know Your Remote

Remote, customer. Customer, remote. Now that we've got the introductions out of the way, let's get to know your remote. With a Multi-Room DVR Plus you can easily record up to 15 of your favorite programs simultaneously and then play them back anytime on any cable box in your house.

Use your mouse to hover over the remote's buttons and learn their functions..

Power on or off
Allows you to turn on and off your TV and CABLE box. They are also used to set up the remote control.
Choose highlighted item.
Directional Keys
Allow you to navigate through on-screen menus.
Select On-Screen Options
Choose highlighted item.
Display current box settings.
Move the Main Menu and channel guide forwards and backwards one page.
Display channel and program information.
Display the on-screen program guide.
Exit on-screen menus.
View favorite channels.
Display last channel.
Display the Main Menu (also press for channel guide)
Adjust volume.
Mute sound.
Change the channel up and down.
Instant Replay
Replay the previous few seconds of a program.
(May be refered to as LIST on-screen) Display a list of programs that you have recorded, allowing you to select one for viewing.
Display/return to live television programming.
Rewind, Play, Fast-Forward, Stop, Pause

Rewind << in 3 speeds (must be in play mode)

Play ► resume playing a paused program (press twice for slow motion)

Fast-Forward >> in 3 speeds (must be in play mode)

Stop ■ recording or playback

Pause program you are watching
Record a program.
Number Keys
Access specific channels and menu options.
Reserved for future use.
Size the picture for some HD television models.

ON-OFF: Open or close the PIP window

SWAP: Swap the contents of the PIP window and the main screen so that the PIP window shows on the Main screen

MOVE: Move the PIP window to another location on the screen

CH +/-: Select the next higher or lower channel in the PIP window
Video Source
Reserved for future use.